Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice
Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice
Interviews4. November 2020

URM, speaking the language of their customers

Thanks to an excellent product and technical knowledge, URM supply a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutics through construction to the food industry. 

Sandhya Singh, Sales & Marketing Development at URM

Tell us a little about the history of your company and how you became such a success?

Universal Rubber Manufacturing (URM) – was founded in the year 1935 in Brussels. Since 1935, URM proudly stands for delivering world class and high-quality customized rubber products around the globe. The mantra for URM’s success is simple, which is to understand the needs of our customer and then deliver fully customized product. URM believes in delivering not only high-end customized products to our customer but also flourishing relationship with our customers. Treating our customers’ requirements with utmost care and due diligence are the core values of URM which in turn contributes to the success of our company today.

How do you satisfy international demands?

We at URM, ensure that our customer has their ends meet as per their expectations in an effective and efficient manner. We have a customer-oriented culture at URM inherited from the expertise and knowledge gained over the past 85 years. URM has built a culture where conducting business with par excellence, ethically and delivering high-end fully customized rubber products and most importantly being there for our customers in times of need. We believe that in order to fulfil global demand requires global strategic planning which URM has mastered over the years. For instance, we have our operations spread across continents and prior committing to a project we ensure that we fully understand the needs of our customer. This requires getting our experts to initiate a project, in-person meetings with customer, 3D prototypes which are developed by our engineers, quality inspection of the product throughout the project cycle and thus, living to our mission value which is to deliver a rubber product which are making difference in the world. We also ensure that service after sales and remain at the disposal of our customers in case of queries.      

What challenges do you face when you market your products? How do your products stand out from competitors?

URM uses different platforms to reach out to customers globally which includes europages (Visable), social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google and YouTube. We also participate in yearly EXPO/ Exhibitions (EasyFair, ESEF) where our technology and high-quality products are show cased to customers from around the globe. We strive to remain engaged with our customers by keeping them updated with the use of Newsletters and target new customers with email marketing. URM differentiates itself based on the trait that our products are fully customized as per the requirements of the customer or end the product. For instance, customer defines the product that they are seeking and then URM experts conducts feasibility test together with our Engineers and thus delivering a product based on a specific requirement. Therefore, this trait of building a customized rubber product is the key differentiator between URM and our competitors. These fully customized rubber products are offered at competitive prices.

What communication/marketing actions do you carry out today? What results do you expect from these actions?

We speak the language of our customers – meaning for our new customers, any visitors in our office receive a brochure in their language and welcome package which contains lanyard, universal phone charging cable, key chain, pen, yearly URM calendar and more. Our new customers are given an official presentation by our experts showcasing our technology and along with demo products are shown. We also promote URM via social media platforms and we have revamped our website – which is available in many European languages and it is work in progress to add more features to assist our customers. We also do emailing campaigns using the europages service. 

Who are your customers?

URM has expertise in developing and manufacturing innovative new products mainly in the following sectors:

·       Aerospace

·       Agricultural & equestrian

·       Automotive

·       Construction & civil engineering

·       Diary, food & pharmaceutical

·       Electrical, electronics, lighting

·       Engineering & maintenance

·       Ventilations and air conditioning

·       Marine

·       Manufacturing / OEMS

·       Mining and quarrying

When did you start working with Visable (europages/wlw)? Can you provide more information about the Visable pack your company selected? What is your budget?

We have had a professional profile on europages for over 20 years and it has greatly contributed, and continues to do so, in receiving new orders, quotations, customer queries for URM. We have 3 different company profiles for our entities namely – SIC (Hungary), Arubis (Belgium) and URM (Belgium). This represents a budget of approximately 13000 €.

Has your presence on Visable (europages/wlw) been successful and how do you assess the quality of the requests you receive? 
Are you able to quantify/ measure the business that Visable brings to your company?

Collaborating with europages has been successful for URM in many ways. Firstly, we receive a lot of requests from around the world through this. Secondly, it gives URM more visibility using the keywords that are used on online search engines. We receive high quality requests from pioneers. The europages platform is to extract a list of customers who might be interested in our products and technology.

What kind of future market developments do you expect?

We have several on-going projects and in discussion pipelines to gain more visibility for URM and reach out to more customers around the globe. This includes by fully updating our website which once completed will be available in several European languages with informational tabs. We are also planning to use Google Ads platform. We are also updating our europages profile.

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