show potential customers the way
show potential customers the way

Retargeting is advertising without scatter loss

Speak directly to your target group using Retargeting. With intelligent banner ads, you can precisely address potential customers who have done searches on EUROPAGES in categories that are relevant to you. This enables you to increase your brand’s awareness and, ultimately, your success.

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Retargeting screen

How Retargeting works

Schematic B2B research

A user searches, for example, for “screws” on the B2B platform EUROPAGES.

Schematic cookie tagging

The user is tagged with a cookie when they visit the category. 

Schematic campaign delivery

Other websites which the user visits identify the cookie and your banner appears.

Your benefits of Retargeting

  • Targeted communications

    You position your products without any scatter loss. This lets you reach potential customers and re-activate former visitors. 

  • Increased reach

    Your ads appear on the key target group’s radar, among 2.4 million decision-making buyers.

  • More attention

    Your products pique interest – even when your EUROPAGES profile has not been clicked on.

  • Tailored design

    An unmistakeable set of banners can be highly persuasive! Our design experts are happy to support you. 

  • Lasting memory

    You remain in the hearts and minds of interested potential customers – even when they visit other websites.

Not too much, not too little: our experts know what’s effective

It’s about quality, not quantity – this especially reigns true for retargeting. With our support, you can maximise your reach across all devices, without scaring away customers by overdoing it on the advertising.


Make a confident appearance

By broadcasting a maximum of 10 banners per user and month, we ensure you make a positive branding impression – and, at the same time, we guarantee the visibility you’ve booked. 

Clear targeting

Speak to customers directly

For instance, professional purchasers from France, Germany, Poland or Italy. Or combine several countries as you like.

Lead generation

Lead customers to your offer

Link your retargeting campaign either directly to your EUROPAGES company profile or to your website.

And this is how we work

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A good choice: your retargeting campaign

You commission us to execute your retargeting campaign to increase the online reach of your company in the best way.

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Banner design as you like

We design a set of 8 animated banners based on your corporate design. All you need to do is provide your logo and 4 to 5 images to choose from – or simply send us your finalised banners based on our technical requirements. In every case, we carefully and thoroughly approve your banner set with you, check all the technical specifications and, if required, make any adjustments.

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Campaign launch when it suits you

Once you have given your final approval for the banner set, we can then get started straightaway. You decide when your banner should go live for your selected target group.

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Success analysis

If you want to see how many potential customers you reach thanks to precise retargeting, just look at the reports in your company profile. You receive a clear overview each month of all the relevant key figures.

What can we do for you?

We are looking forward to a personal conversation.

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