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Tips & strategies10. October 2023

SEO measures: how to land at the top of the search results

With a tailored SEO strategy, your company can appear at the very top of the search engine hits list during searches on Google and similar. Discover below which measures make sense and help you achieve your goal.

SEO: why search engine optimisation is indispensable

The term search engine optimisation (SEO) covers all measures which serve to get a website, featuring the matching content, as far as possible at the top of the search results list of Google, Bing and similar search engines. And to do so solely through the organic searches by the target group. This means you can save, or at least minimise, your ad expenditure.

Websites which land at the bottom of Google are much more rarely clicked on than the Top 3 – the pages following the Top 10 seldomly play a role or play no role at all. This means potential customers, who are actively searching for a product or service, quickly choose to go with a better positioned competitor.

Particularly in the B2B segment is SEO essential, as the latest BrightEdge survey shows. Nearly two-thirds of all traceable website traffic arrive at a B2B company via an organic search with search engines – another 12 per cent via a paid search, in other words ads. And according to the Sagefrog Marketing Report, SEO is the most important door-opener for sales and leads in B2B marketing in 2023.

Search engine optimisation: on-page and off-page measures for companies

Measures to improve visibility on the Internet can be realised “on page”, in other words on your own website, or “off page”.

On-page SEO

The classic on-page SEO measures include the integration of relevant keywords into the content of the website, as well as in the meta title and the meta description – in other words, in the headline and the teaser which appear on the search engine page. Additional measures to push your company’s website up further to the top of the search results list are the optimisation of the loading speed, internal and external links, and the insertion of so-called structured data. These are data with which information can be specified for a page and page content classified. Professional photos and videos, too, contribute to a higher ranking of a website.

At the same time, such optimisation is just the start. The Google algorithm is so good today that it can rate the quality and relevance of content for the search intention significantly higher. All in all, there are more than 200 ranking factors, according to Google, which are leveraged for determining the positioning of a website within the search results list.

Off-page SEO

At the centre of off-page measures is the so-called backlink set-up. These are links on other websites that lead to your own website. Generally, when users and other companies increasingly refer to a website, Google assumes that the content of this website is particularly relevant and ranks it higher.

The backlink set-up, for instance, can be reinforced by guest articles on other websites that include a link, or through passive backlinks, which users in social media or on other platforms voluntarily share due to the relevance of the content for the users’ community. A good way to generate links is through content marketing in general. Entries in relevant directories such as Google Business also contribute to link-building.

Professional SEO consultation from Visable

To increase the visibility of an offer, a professional SEO analysis is recommended from which the respective measures could be defined. Visable offers such an analysis and, based on the results, defines the measures specially geared for the B2B segment – from ranking optimisation to an upgrade in the quality of your website.

The online marketing experts consider, in particular, the specific requirements of the respective industry, the technological as-is state of the website, and also the possibilities of SEO optimisation which are lying dormant in social media. What’s more, Visable offers long-term support when it comes to evaluation, analysis and reporting. The first-time consultation is free of charge.

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