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Walloschke Oberflächentechnik GmbH: Transforming surfaces

Its expertise is anything but superficial; this company from Lindlar, near Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, has over 50 years of experience in its specialist field: Walloschke Oberflächentechnik focuses on achieving maximum precision in polishing, brushing and grinding. New, innovative processing techniques are continually being developed – a quality that the surface expert is now making visible through targeted online measures. We talked to Managing Director Stefan Hahn. 

Geschäftsführer Christian Frei

Stefan Hahn, Managing Director from Walloschke Oberflächentechnik GmbH

What does your company specialise in?

We refine surfaces by grinding, brushing and polishing. In computer-controlled production, we use robot technology for this, but also work with tool technology developed in-house. Our complete solutions, which we offer in cooperation with proven partners, also include services such as painting, electroplating and raw parts purchasing.

Who are your customers?

We serve many industries – from the furniture and medical technology industries to mechanical engineering, the automotive sector and more. Sometimes it’s primarily about looks, sometimes about functionality; often, it’s both. Surface finishing is a key issue for many manufacturers.

What challenges will you face in the next few years?

Many B2B purchasers would like to obtain services and products from a single source if possible and are reluctant to pursue “detours” involving specialists. You can observe this among the automotive suppliers in Eastern Europe in particular. We respond by offering additional “shop-in-shop” solutions, which of course require us to manage more complex supply chains.

What role does the internet play in sales of your products?

Due to increasing diversification and internationalisation, in surface technology as well, we have decided to make greater use of the digital opportunities that platforms like wlw now offer.

Has the coronavirus pandemic influenced how willing you are to invest in online marketing?

Yes, because online visibility has become even more important during the crisis. Of course, it also has an impact on our marketing budget.

Has the pandemic also confirmed that was the right choice for you?

Certainly, the pandemic has shown us once again how crucial good findability is online. We had been using wlw for several years, but in the last 12-15 months it has intensified even more.

How do you use wlw today; can you be specific?

Close follow-up of contacts has become an important tool in acquisition and communication. In addition, we have become very aware of how relevant it is to define the specific search terms through which we are found: it is worth investing a little time here in order to fully exploit every area of potential.

Do you also use other Visable products? Are you planning to add any more?

Yes, we use Google Ads campaigns and, most recently, the Website Leads product. We would even like to expand the cooperation in the second half of 2021 – this will involve further products from Visable’s online marketing portfolio.

What marketing activities are you currently involved with?

We have just successfully completed the relaunch of our website and are working on the SEO measures that go with it.

What about sustainability – is that currently also an issue in the company?

It’s always an important issue, of course! Our goal is to continuously reduce energy consumption in production and thus also CO2 emissions – we have already implemented various measures in this area. To do this, we track our energy turnover and position it in relation to the production volume.

What else can we optimise at Visable? Do you have any ideas?

I could imagine that a direct link with networks such as LinkedIn or Xing would make personal, targeted contact even easier.

Mr Hahn, thank you so much for talking to us.

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