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“Digital customer communication is the best way to go in every kind of crisis.”

The DACH region first, then all of Europe … the story of success from the Klotz Grassinger Gruppe has long not been told to the end. The contract manufacturer for natural cosmetics continues on its road to success together with Visable. Thanks to targeted online marketing, the company, based in Maisach, Germany, is now approaching international customer groups. How this is managed in today’s times is revealed to us by CEO Adrian Klotz.

Adrian Klotz

                                                Adrian Klotz,  CEO of the Klotz Grassinger Gruppe

Explain your company in a sentence? 

We research, develop and produce mainly non-decorative skincare products for our customers and, at the same time, are particularly committed to more sustainability in the cosmetics industry.

The past few years have been very difficult for many companies. How did you fare?  

For us, too, the past few years have naturally been very challenging – and they continue to be so. New technologies have helped us enormously. Thanks to digital communication, it has been possible for us to ride the waves. Online dialogue has become even more important and intensive, and we were able to noticeably cushion the impact of contact limitations during the Covid crisis. Going digital can be very helpful when it comes to overcoming all kinds of barriers. This has once again been clearly proven during the current crisis as well.

Have the current developments had a strong impact on your industry? 

Definitely. First the pandemic mandates and then inflation – these developments have also decisively shaped consumers’ behaviour, especially in the area of cosmetics. Consumers are understandably uncertain, and naturally the entire cosmetics goods industry is suffering as a result. Cosmetics for skincare experienced a strong boost at the start of the Covid mandates. After all, people now had lots of time at home to think about their own body, which meant demand and sales were high. This mainly had an effect on the higher-priced personal care products. Things look different today – the prevalent inflation situation has led to a rather reserved interest in precisely these products. It looks as if people are treating themselves less. 

Today, we cater for all the relevant business channels in online marketing.

What does this mean for you and your online advertising measures? 

Especially today, it’s important to present your company as extensively as possible online. This intensive communication with potential customers, however far away they may be, is the best way, in my opinion, to get through crises all of kind. For us, this means: higher investments in online marketing – today more than ever! We are investing in a comprehensive digital appearance on all the relevant business channels. Proportionately to our sales, so increasingly more. To achieve this, Visable is taking on everything that needs to be done and which makes sense – full service at its best.

Have the number and quality of contacts increased? 

Absolutely. In the course of our online measures, we’ve successfully expanded our focus. At first, we were active in the DACH region – today, we are talking to interested persons all over the world. This has enabled us to cultivate many new contacts and win over new customers on an international level.

What was it like working with Visable?

The Visable team has really amazed us. The teamwork with Julian Groenwoldt and Tangün Ichisar has been successful in so many ways that Visable has now been given the responsibility for supporting all of our corporate communications. The fact that we have been able to hand many things over to the experts is naturally a huge relief for us, too.

Every potential customer should be made aware of our offers at least once – that was our goal.

What do you want to achieve in concrete terms, and what have you achieved thus far?

From the very beginning, our goal has been to reinforce our digital visibility so that every potential and inherently qualified person has been made of our offers at least once – regardless of where they are on the Internet. Together with Visable, we have been able to consistently adhere to this plan. And, indeed, we have been able to enormously boost the number and quality of contacts as well as fine-tune our entire branding. Interest in us is huge, and our awareness is practically growing with each new day.

Has there been anything that has been particularly helpful in this respect?

Measurable success control. For a good marketing strategy, it’s absolutely necessary to learn from the results of the individual measures – and to adapt or further develop measures for the future based on these results. I believe that Visable continually strives to give customers the most cutting-edge tools for this important aspect.

Which marketing activities are you currently concerned with? 
In the coming months, we will focus more strongly on special LinkedIn campaigns on an international level. These, too, will be realised by Visable.

Dear, Mr Klotz, a big thank you for the talk and we wish you lots of continued success!

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