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In this quick guide you will receive all the important information that you need to successfully fill out the company profile.  

Tips to improve your visibility in ep search results 

  • Update your products & services with a title of at least 5 characters, a description of at least 100 characters and at least 1 meaningful product image. Be specific and repeat the category name at least once in your product & service description  
  • Meaningful product and/or service images are important. These will be shown to customers in search results.    
  • Only fill in the descriptive texts information that is meaningful and relevant to the buyer. Marketing text will NOT help you achieve visibility in user searches. Buyers look for understandable information in every piece of information that addresses your business area. The right keyword could be the deciding factor!   
  • Each product page offers up to five keywords that are as relevant as the company name or keywords in a specific language for maximum visibility in search results. 
  • This means you should definitely enter the company name, keywords, your brand, as well as product name, product heading and product keywords. 
  • The core business description with video titles, images and PDF titles are also very relevant. 
  • If you have relevant PDF documents, such as press releases or documents about your products, upload them as well. The algorithm can read the textual content of the PDF as well as its title and thus make it relevant.  

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