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New: how the Visitor Profiler helps the sales team

Visable is expanding its range of services for profile owners on the B2B platform europages with the Visitor Profiler. This new features recognises visitors of company profiles and creates lists with contact data, which provides the sales (and marketing) team with valuable information about premium customers for generating leads.

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What is europages?

As a B2B platform, europages aims to allow business buyers and sellers to easily get in touch with one another and cultivate contacts on an international level, making this process more efficient. Sellers can create a digital company profile featuring the most important facts (location, industry, business model, links to the company websites) as well as publish their offers and manage their requests. Numerous functionalities and statistics give sellers various information, amongst others the number of impressions, clicks and customer contacts. These and other data support the sales and marketing teams in performing their jobs. Up to 2.3 million buyers use europages every month, with europages offering service packages in 15 languages and covering markets in 28 countries.

What is the Visitor Profiler?

An essential condition for business success is contact to existing and potential business partners. For this reason, Visable has expanded the digital services of the B2B platform europages to now include the Visitor Profiler.

Thanks to this new feature, customers of the platform can see who has visited their company profile within the last 30 days. The Visitor Profiler recognises the individual IP address, thus identifying the single visitor, and then includes this in a list. It compares their contact information with the database of europages’ customers and can automatically close any gaps. Because only information about the company is captured, the feature conforms with all EU GDPR regulations.

The sellers also have an overview of the sales history of interested persons, enabling them to see if their profile has been viewed – or even if one of their product pages has been visited. What’s more, they see if visitors have sought out other ways to get in touch, such as via telephone or email.

The service is available free of charge to europages’ customers with a premium account. Owners of a basic free profile have only a limited view of the Visitor Profiler.

Which benefits does the Visitor Profiler offer?

The collection of visitor information and contact data is not a means in itself. More than anything, Visable aims to make it much easier for sellers of europages to generate leads and win new business from their premium customers via the Visitor Profiler. The goal is to increase sales and contact potential.

Daniel Keller, CTO for Visable, summarises the benefits: “With the Visitor Profiler, we are giving our europages users valuable information and a starting point for their sales team. Whether for starting up partnerships or intensifying them, or for directly giving a sales pitch – each visitor has the chance of becoming a valuable contact.” europages customers can now discover companies which they may not have been aware of as potential interested customers before.

wlw customers already have profile visitor statistics

Businesses with a company profile on wlw (formerly “Wer liefert was”) have been profiting from similar advantages for a while now. wlw is the German-language sister platform to EUROPAGES, and the previous version of the Visitor Profiler was launched there four years ago.

With success, as Matthias Baving from Baving Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG underscores: “We initially set ourselves the goal of achieving 20 requests per month. With the latest advertising measures from Visable, we are receiving more than 300 requests every month. Around 20 customer contacts are made directly via our company profile on wlw. Thanks to the detailed visitor statistics in the success analysis of our company profile, our salesforce can generate an additional 10 requests on a monthly basis.” This means the customer has gained half of the desired leads through the visitor statistics alone.

The update of the Visitor Profiler, which has now been launched on europages, will soon be available for wlw.


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