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Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice
Testimonials4. November 2020

Miraggio and their challenge is to develop long-term relationships with foreign clients. 

Thanks to their wide, flexible product range and innovative technologies, MIRAGGIO has developed a solid export activity in many countries. We spoke to Export Manager, Tetiana Kalmykova about the strategy behind their presence on Visable's sourcing engine and marketplace and how they plan to further expand their business internationally.


Tell us about the history of MIRAGGIO, what factors influenced your success?

In the beginning we were a small factory, producing sanitary-ware for Ukrainian furniture companies. Our aim was to provide high quality products for all industries, so we registered our trademark MIRAGGIO in 2013. In 2015 we earned the international standard ISO 9001:2015, making us attractive suppliers for foreign customers. In 2016 we found our first partners abroad. Every year our export activity is growing. We now work with Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Slovenia and we are wanting to further expand our network of partners.

The main factor of our success is the ability to adapt to our clients’ specific sanitary-ware needs.

What products do you offer to the international market?

We offer the following products:
1) white gel-coated glossy and matt washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays;
2) composite matt kitchen sinks and washbasins (black/ sand/ white/ terra/ grey)
3) gel-coated glossy and matt washbasins and bathtubs in any colour according to RAL 

MIRAGGIO has the advantage of being able to collaborate in 3 different ways:
- Distribution of our products under our trademark MIRAGGIO
- OEM (selling our products under our customer's brand)
- ODM (creating exclusive models for our customers without charging for manufacturing the mould)

Who are your main clients and what exactly do they value working with you?    

Our main export clients are Online Shops, bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturers, architects and construction companies, building material stores. Our clients value the wide range of products we offer, our capacity to make exclusive models from scratch and the fact that we regularly release new models.

What role do the global and European markets play in the international development and business growth of your company?

As importers we have access to the best raw materials in order to manufacture eco-friendly products. 

As exporters we always monitor global trends and work with designers from different cultural backgrounds, essential for generating original and creative ideas.

What is your strategy for further growth?

Our challenge is to develop long-term relationships with foreign clients. At the moment we mainly target Europe, but in the future, we want to work with the whole world.

For what purpose did you register your company on the Visable platforms (EUROPAGES & wlw)?

Our presence on the EUROPAGES sourcing engine & the wlw marketplace is to attract customers, it is essential for our brand awareness and we use the sourcing engine to search for suppliers.

How successful is your campaign on the Visable platforms? What results do you get from being a member?

Export transactions are a lengthy process, we are currently conducting and finalising deals with international buyers so the success of our visibility on the platforms is constant and expands with an on-going membership.

What exactly do you like about Visable?

The specialised platforms attract a wide range of potential customers and we can accurately target searches for suppliers. We have the ability to position the visibility of each product range, very specific niches. The Visable Managers are very helpful in using the various search functionalities and employees are reactive and professional.

What advice would you give to companies entering the global market?

Be flexible and listen to clients’ needs in order to develop customer loyalty. Expand your company's visibility around the globe by nurturing your presence on specialised platforms like EUROPAGES & wlw.

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