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“Our customers’ purchasing power is increasingly moving online – here is where we have to be present.”

As a wholesaler for fashion accessories, Sigaro GmbH offers customers an extensive range of sunglasses, scarves, handbags and more. Also due to the Covid mandates, the company, based in southern Germany, has had to tread new paths to secure its sales. How Visable helped the company to react to the target group’s changing purchasing behaviour is revealed to us by Shaohua Dai-Rosenberg, CEO of Sigaro GmbH, in this interview.

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The past couple of years have been very hard for many companies. How did your business fare in this time?  

The time since the breakout of the Covid pandemic and its mandates has been challenging. Because the supply chains were disrupted, it took longer for us to source goods, and we had to fight with higher costs for transport. All in all, the purchasing behaviour of our customers also changed.

Their purchasing power is increasingly moving online – here is where we have to be present. Which is why we are currently busy with the adaptation of our business model to the purchasing behaviour of end customers, as well as with the increase in efficiency of the ERP system and the user-friendliness of our online shop.

What does this mean for your marketing?

We have had to completely rethink it. In the past, our marketing activities focused on the market customers. To reach them, we particularly relied on placing ads in the respective special interest magazines. But more and more of these are being discontinued. Many of our market customers’ businesses have not been able to survive the Covid mandates. So, we urgently needed a new channel for communicating with potential customers. For this reason, we have become increasingly busy with online marketing over the past couple of years. And this is how we came across Visable.

How has Visable supported you with your online marketing?

It started in 2018, with a profile on wlw. It is through our profile that we receive many of our customer enquiries today, which have significantly increased since the start. I particularly like the “Top Latest Visitors” function, which allows us to see who has sought out our profile. This enables us to actively approach potential customers, which is an advantage when it comes to generating new business.

Do you use any other online marketing services?

Based on our presence on wlw, we have implemented additional measures together with Visable, such as Google Ads campaigns. These have also led to numerous customer enquiries. Retargeting, too, which we booked through Visable, has helped us to be top of mind amongst our existing customers and to reinforce our image.

All in all, this marketing mix makes a significant contribution to compensating bit by bit for the loss in sales due to Covid mandates.

How has the teamwork with Visable turned out?

Visable has always reacted well to our needs and helped us to find the best mix of the many marketing options. We are continuously in touch with our friendly and competent customer advisor and feel like we are in very good hands. The service is truly great.

Is there anything that we can do even better to support you?

Yes. It would be great if we could upload our products to wlw via data feeds.

Dear, Ms Dai-Rosenberg, a warm thank you for this talk. We wish you continued success!


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