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Press release

B2B platform "Wer liefert was" relaunches itself with a more modern design and brand new features 

Hamburg, 25th September 2020 - From now on Visables' presents "Wer liefert was", the most successful B2B platform in the DACH region, in a completely new look and boasting extensive technical improvements. The name is simplified from "Wer liefert was" to the catchy, wlw. The claim "Einfach. Besser. Entscheiden." sums up the new self-image of the platform:

With a database of around 590,000 suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers, wlw offers sourcing professionals the ideal tool for making the best purchasing decisions. Not only has the brand and the corporate design undergone a comprehensive relaunch. But additionally, wlw now offers new features such as the prominently placed e-sourcing service wlw Connect, improved company profiles and the implementation of Unified Search, a precise, AI-supported full-text search. These features make it even easier for buyers to find the right supplier for his needs, in the fastest possible way.

More memorable and modern - "Who delivers what" becomes wlw
In recent years, wlw's brand image has been repeatedly renewed and adapted to the conditions of the market. The name, "Wer liefert was", has been used since 1932 and has now been reduced to the concise, easy to remember, wlw. "The relaunch is the most far-reaching change to the platform in ten years. We want to simplify not only the user experience and the decision-making process for buyers, but also our brand identity. It is therefore only logical that in the future we will use the abbreviation wlw, already known in the URLs, and, as our name", explains Peter F. Schmid, CEO of Visable. "In this way we will continue doing justice to the origin of the brand, while at the same time streamlining communication and strengthening brand identification of the domains through which buyers, in the DACH region, access the platform".

The new logo - the "Switch" - was developed to reflect the transformation from a classifieds company to a international digital tech company. Elements such as the green dot from the Visable logo and the well-known dark blue and green colours, bring the brands' appearance closer to the corporate Visable brand. The new claim "Einfach. Besser. Entscheiden." is catchy and sums up wlws' core competence: "wlws' service portfolio goes beyond the simple search for suppliers. We help purchasers to make the best decision for their company and its' requirements. We enable this better than any other B2B platform in the DACH region," Schmid summarises the decision for the new claim.

wlw Connect as the new centrepiece
The significant redesign of wlw is accompanied by the websites' restructure and the implementation of various new tools for buyers. The focus is on the fundamentally optimised search and the new service wlw Connect. "In addition to our classic search bar, wlw Connect is now the focus of the site as an equal sourcing option. This is followed by relevant content for purchasers and a flexible teaser area. The new wlw has a clearer structure, so that the visitor can immediately see what to expect", explains Peter F. Schmid. The prominent placement of wlw Connect is strategic: the aim of the service is to bring buyers and suppliers together as quickly as possible. For this purpose, buyers search products or services online and receive a selection of qualified companies shortly thereafter, often the very next day - regardless of whether for long-term agreements or one-off purchases. Experts evaluate the enquiry by comparing the search specifications with the wlw database of 590,000 B2B suppliers. wlw Connect makes a pre-selection based on the results, contacts the appropriate suppliers and clarifies whether the enquiry is of interest to them. The deadline is also taken into account. Purchasers then receive a complete list of interested suppliers and can contact them in a targeted manner. "We had already convinced numerous buyers in an initial beta phase. The buyers' time spent on the search process was reduced by an average of 30 to 50 percent compared to the normal search time. Some users told us that they only needed ten percent of the usual time for their research. wlw Connect thus represents an enormous relief in their everyday work", says Schmid.

Unified Search for the best search in B2B
More precise, more relevant and clearer - with the implementation of an AI-supported full text search, wlw now offers its' customers the best B2B search platform in Europe. Professional buyers receive results which are significantly more relevant, because the new search scans all stored content of the company profiles and sorts the results accordingly. Extensive filter options ensure a fast, precise search that is optimised for the customer. "With all the innovations planned for wlw, the user experience has always been of utmost importance. Purchasers should be able to see at first glance what they can expect from wlw and why we offer them real added value," explains Schmid. "Finding the right supplier for individual needs is at the heart of wlw, which is why we had to create the best possible solution for buyers. With the implementation of the Unified Search, we have succeeded this".

Clear and concise - New company profile facilitates supplier search The revised design of company profiles on wlw should enable buyers to find the supplier information they are looking for, faster and more intuitively. To achieve this goal, the product developers at wlw spoke to experts: Numerous buyers participated in the the new company profile development process, in user tests and expert interviews. Previously, the company profile content was divided into different fold-out tabs, they are now all on one page. Information is also presented in a more concise manner providing greater clarity - this is especially the case on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The new company profile consists of individual blocks, lined up one below the other, each dedicated to a specific category of information. The panel of test buyers validated this sequence as being extremely helpful in the search process: starting with the core contact information and followed by more detailed information. Further content is planned, such as the financial status of the company.

For searching on the move - the new wlw app is also available
In order to enable procurement experts to make the best purchasing decisions on the move, wlw is now available as an app, offering optimised services for smartphones and tablets. Users have a personalised space with all necessary functions to make their search as simple and effective as possible. The "Discover" area displays the most recently searched companies and recommends providers based on their latest activities. "Mobile only" functions such as direct calls or photo upload from smartphone cameras, for example, attaching a picture to a wlw Connect request, helps round-off the offer. In addition, ongoing search notifications can be set up. In future, customers can react faster and save time in the purchasing process.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the wlw relaunch will be accompanied by an extensive Web, print and social media marketing campaign. It is Visables' biggest marketing initiative in almost three years.

The new logo can be downloaded here.


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