Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice
Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice
Interviews4. November 2020

"We believe that quality is not a result, but a continuous search"

At Silcap Silicone, our technical abilities are unrivalled, and we are constantly challenged in finding new ways, new materials to satisfy the demand. Innovation is just one of the great strengths of our team.  

Sercan Kamil NERGİZCİ, Export Sales Executive at Silcap Silicone Kitchenware

1. Tell us a little about your company values and how you became such a success? 

We believe that quality is not a result, it is a continuous search. We provide constant quality to our customers and we maintain our global competitiveness by giving importance to control and quality at all levels of production.  

2. How do you satisfy international demands? 

Silcap Silicone has been trading internationally for four years. We have all the necessary infrastructure and logistics to further expand our exporting activities, this is one of the reasons we decided to work with Visable.  

3. What challenges do you face when you market your products? How do your products stand out from competitors? 

The biggest challenge we have faced, especially this year is purchasing raw materials and managing the costs which fluctuate daily. We are obliged to keep our prices competitive, and this can be tricky given the unstable purchasing costs. We purchase from many countries such as, China, Germany, the USA etc. 

As far as competition is concerned, we are quite unique in Turkey, giving us a huge advantage. Our biggest international rivals are Chinese manufacturers, there are some in Italy too. 

Our products stand out from competitors for the following reasons:  

  • Our silicone kitchen utensils are resistant to very high temperatures and their surfaces are non-adhesive.
  • Owing to the nonporous feature and surface of our silicone profiles and seals, our products are stainless and odorless.
  • We are available 24/7.
  • We are an experienced company and quality is our main focus.
  • Safety and health of our customers is our priority.

4. How did you get to know about Visable? How do you expect us to help you? 

I learnt about Visable and EUROPAGES thanks to some of my customers who spoke very highly of the sourcing platform and the advanced functionalities for purchasing raw materials all over the world. I then realised that the platform was not only for sourcing suppliers, but it could also help me export to different countries and expand my business.   

EUROPAGES is the biggest marketing platform for small and medium-sized companies and their marketing specialists are extremely professional in finding the perfect marketing mix for companies like ours – Visable really cares for their customers.  

I am alone to manage all foreign trade so I have very little time to take care of our product visibility online and searching for new markets. Publishing product photos on LinkedIn and Instagram is one thing but there is no comparison to creating an online product catalogue on EUROPAGES. Clients have direct access to all sorts of information about our products via our company profile. It is like a virtual showroom, open to the world 24/7.   

5. When did you start working with Visable (Europages)? Has your presence on the Europages platform been successful and how do you assess the quality of the requests you receive? 

Silcap Silicone became a Premium customer of Visable early 2021, and almost immediately we started receiving product requests and a steady growth of new clients.  
Our products became visible in all European markets because the product descriptions are translated into 15 languages. The translations are of very high quality, so we do not have to speak the language of our customers to do business. Our EUROPAGES banner campaign is published on targeted business sectors, enabling a constant flow of good quality requests for quotes. Customers who find us on EUROPAGES can be reassured that the information they read has been produced and verified by content optimisation specialists.  

6. What kind of future market developments do you expect? 

We would like to try a retargeting campaign with Visable to go one step further in targeting new markets and developing our brand awareness internationally. Target markets include Slovenia, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Bosnia and Brazil. 

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