Transform anonymous traffic into valuable B2B leads!
Transform anonymous traffic into valuable B2B leads!

We show you which companies have visited your company website.

With Website Leads, anonymous visitors are turned into real addresses: On your dashboard, you can see not only the visitors of your company profile but also those visiting your company's own website – including specific, comprehensive company data.

This B2B online tool is based on a pixel code, which you install on your website to start collecting data. We don't set any cookies in this respect and as a B2B specialist we only use company data for our analysis. Our service is therefore 100% GDPR-compliant.

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Website Leads

How are anonymous website visitors turned into relevant leads:

Website Leads

What are the opportunities of Website Leads?


Insights for marketing and sales

Identifying visitors of your company website is the first step towards gaining a deep understanding of customers, their industries, and their needs: A clear advantage for your marketing and sales strategies!

Identifying new customer groups

The market is constantly moving in the B2B sector too. By means of visitor data that is updated every day, you can immediately identify how and why a demand for your product is developing: You can thereby also spot new target groups and address them.

Advertise better by focusing on the customer

The more you know about your potential customers, the more successfully you can reach out to them: You should therefore deliberately take the acquired data into account in your online and offline advertising campaigns!

And this is how we proceed:

Install pixel code

So that we can provide you with the visitor data, it is necessary to install a pixel code, which you simply integrate in the backend of your site according to our instructions.

Adapt privacy statement

To comply with all the legal requirements, you should also integrate the installed pixel code in your privacy statement.

Access list of visitors

We identify your visitors and show you which companies have visited your company website in your personal login area. The list of visitors is also available to you as a download.

Establish contact: 
Data for acquisition, advertising & sales

What you do with the collected data is totally up to you: Make use of your competitive edge to acquire customers and establish new business contacts in an even more targeted manner.

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