Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice
Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice


Berfa Group aiming to maximise their reach to international purchasers, increase demand and develop their business opportunities.  

Fatih Mutlu, CO - Founder of Berfa Group

 1. Tell us a little about your company values and how you became such a success? 

Berfa Group was established in 2012 and our offices are situated in the Kayseri 1st Organised Industrial Zone. We export to around 70 countries and we attach great importance to advertising and promotional activities for developing international trade. We are very active on B2B websites, especially europages because they have played a major role in our success.

2. How do you satisfy international demands? 

Our team is very professional, they carefully examine incoming requests and respond as soon as possible. Thanks to this reactivity, the prospects receive accurate product information when the request is still fresh. After negotiations, the order is placed and the export process is triggered.

Once the customer receives his products, we give him the opportunity to express his opinion on his experience with us. An important step for maintaining customer loyality. At Berfa Group, our priority is customer satisfaction.

3. What challenges do you face when you market your products? How do your products stand out from competitors?

From time to time we are faced with difficulties when marketing our products to potential buyers. Once we set up a profile on europages, we started gaining momentum in our marketing activities and demand increased. europages has optimised our products' visibility and they appear ahead of our competitors' products. In addition, we can reach out and communicate easily with our customers thanks to the Message Center available on the website. Our products are competitive globally and thanks to our fast service, we are always a few steps ahead of our competitors.


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4. What communication/marketing actions do you carry out today? What results do you expect from these actions?

At Berfa Group, we attach great importance to Google-based promotional activities and other digital marketing channels. Through our presence on the europages platform, our visibility is optimised and buyers find us faster. Our aim is to maximise our reach to international purchasers, increase demand and develop our business opportunities. We do not see the budget we spend on these activities as an expense but more as an investment. As a result, we maintain an excellent level of brand awareness.

5. Who are your customers?

Berfa Group supplies all business sectors, especially big well-known European brands. We have been working with these companies for many years and we provide very good service to our customers. We also work with many islands in North America, South America, Russia, the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa and Asia.

Our target industries include: Furniture Industry , Mattress Industry , Carpet & Rugs , Hotel Contract , Textile Industry and International Export-Import.

6. When did you start working with Visable (europages/wlw)? Can you provide more information about the Visable pack your company selected? What is your budget?

Mrs. Işıl Karakaş (our Digital Expert at Visable) contacted us a year ago to inform us about the Visable platforms europages and wlw as well as the company's portfolio of online marketing services. We went for the Premium Pack which boosted the visibility of our products on the main search engines, effectively increasing our demand and order intake. The investment we made has definitely been worth the results.

7. Has your presence on Visable (europages/wlw) been successful and how do you assess the quality of the requests you receive? Are you able to quantify/ measure the business that Visable brings to your company?

We started receiving serious requests right from the start and we are extremely pleased with the progress. Thanks to the professional advice and interest that Mrs. Işıl Karakaş shows for our company, the content on our company page is top-notch. Our products are positioned on very specific keywords so purchasers can precisely target their searches. As a result, the requests we receive are of high quality.

8. What kind of future market developments do you expect?

We believe that our exports will gain even more momentum aligned with Turkey’s economic development performance. Our aim is to continue being fully export-oriented and to become even more sustainable.

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