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Keep track of your performance metrics

Analysis comes before strategy. Keep an eye on your performance metrics and actively use our data. In the next section, we will show you which numbers there are and how to work with them

Performance analysis overview 
How is your performance analysis structured? What do the different performance metrics mean? Which metrics are particularly important to you? We will explain here all the parts and illustrations of our performance analysis. 

In your account, click on the “performance analysis” tile.

Visibility vs. industry average 
The performance analysis from the previous month is always generated at the beginning of the new month and is subsequently available to you. 

You can use the month selection in the upper part of the page to select the month for which the performance analysis should be displayed.Based on your product categories, we determine your industry and then compare your visibility with the current average for your industry. We take the industry in which you had the best visibility. 

The green field means they are better positioned in search than their competition when compared to all other companies in this industry.
If you made changes to your products in the last month, significant changes in visibility can occur within the month, and this has an influence on the industry automatically assigned by us.The “visibility barometer” section is currently under construction and will soon provide more relevant results.
Your customer contacts by wer liefert was
In this overview, you can see which companies most recently clicked on your profile and products on a daily basis. You can tell which platform the visitor used by the corresponding logo. Your customer contacts through wer liefert was contains your company profile views, products, website, and the number of your connect requests.

To quickly and directly generate contacts from this, you can of course also save all the information as a table. To do this, simply click on "all visitors in month yy" or "all visitors from the last 30 days." Then click on the "download CSV" button.

The "show category searchers" filter will not only display profile visitors and your products but also interested customers who have searched for something that you offer. However, it is not necessary for these category searchers to have accessed your company profile.

About Europe refers to the number of interested customers, who have discovered your company profile and your products on our European B2B platform EUROPAGES and then visited your website. If you have a subscription-based profile on EUROPAGES, a link "view top 10 countries" will also appear below. This overview shows you from which countries the most clicks on your company profile and homepage came.
Website Leads
If you have booked our “Website Leads” product, you can also see which companies have visited your company website (in the example

 You can also find more information about this on our website.

Website Leads implementation is the basic requirement for using the product. Detailed instructions on how to activate our Website Leads template in Google Tag Manager and insert the Website Leads identification number or implement the custom pixel code directly in the source code on your website can be found here.

Your service area 
The location of your interested customers can play a major role in communication and logistics. Under "you were visited by these regions," we will show you which regions in the DACH area that your company profile visitors come from.
With our online marketing services, it gives you additional reach: All customers who have booked our additional products such as retargeting and Google Ads will find their performance analysis based on advertisements and clicks here.Our retargeting report shows the progress of your campaign and gives you an overview of how the number of users and clicks are generated. You can see in detail, among other things, the number of impressions achieved by the campaign as well as interaction and click rates.
Google Ads
Google Ads report gives you a quick insight into your campaign's click history. You also have the option here of downloading a detailed PDF report that provides you with valuable insights into your Google Ads campaign.
A new umbrella for "Wer liefert was" and Europages

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