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Stay in touch with your customers!

Communication is essential in customer acquisition for successful new customer acquisition. In the following section, we will show you how to manage it. 

Message overview
The messages are the core of your profile. This area allows you to view, edit, and save all incoming and outgoing communications. You can get there via the link “go to the messages.” At the same time, you can at a glance see how active and therefore theoretically interesting you are for potential customers who were on your wlw profile. An indicator of activity is the response rate and response time, which you can positively influence through your behavior. 
Response rate 
The response rate shows the percentage of requests that received an initial response. Only quality notifications (no offers) are taken into account.  Calculation: response rate = (answered requests * 100) / all requests throughout the last 90 days.This rate influences your relevance for customers and can positively change your ranking. Always answer all requests to create trust with customers and improve your ranking.
Response time 
The time it takes to send an initial response to a request. Only quality requests (no offers) with answers will be take into account. In the calculation, we exclude weekends and use the average of the fastest 80% of response times over the past 90 days.
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