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New potential customers via the Service RFQ

The "RFQ" service offers you the opportunity to receive additional requests and to ask yourself for requests in the role of customers. Stay on the ball and answer all requests as quickly as possible.  

RFQ overview
You will find all received or sent requests via our "RFQ" service via the tile with the same name on your dashboard. 

Via the "RFQ" service, you can also receive new requests (see your company connect requests). 
Created connect requests 
Visable sends your specific request as an alert to suitable suppliers from our database (more than 640,000 B2B providers). If a supplier is interested, they will contact you directly, and you can see the request here in your account. You increase the likelihood of a conversation and show your sincerity by making the request very specific (for example: size and dimensions of the specific products, etc.) and by including your company name and contact information.
Connect requests for your company
You can also use this option to obtain additional contacts in the very same way. It is important to always answer requests. If you do not have the capacity or are not interested, write a short message with a rejection to the requester.
A new umbrella for "Wer liefert was" and Europages

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