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Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice

Plastro Mayer GmbH:
A plastics all-rounder from Baden-Wuerttemberg about the necessity of a solid online visibility

Plastro Mayer GmbH sees itself as the plastics all-rounder, combining the functionally related areas in a combination that is unique in Germany. The company, which is located in Trochtelfingen, a town Baden-Württemberg and now in its third generation of management, offers services such as plastic-compatible design, laser welding and contract manufacturing. Isabel Grupp, the General Manager of Plastro Mayer GmbH explains in an interview how they have achieved a higher online presence thanks to the wlw platform.

Mr. Johannes & Mrs. Isabel Grupp, CEOs of Plastro Mayer GmbH

Ms Grupp, what challenges do you foresee for yourself in the future? Or: What developments can be expected in your industry?

The current shortage of skilled workers and the economic and political situation are not very predictable, which is why long-term forecasts for the future are currently rather speculative.  It is noticeable that inflation is weakening the purchasing power of consumers and that buying behaviour is generally more restrained. We have to look at this realistically and see where we have opportunities to compensate.

After the developments of the last few years, are you investing more in online marketing and thus also in Visable? And do you reallocate marketing budget for this, e.g. from the trade fair budget?

Yes, I can confirm that in any case! Our marketing focus has shifted strongly to online marketing. We see this as the future for sure.

What role does the internet play in the distribution of your products?

Solid online visibility is essential for any company. If you can't be found online these days, you quickly disappear under the radar unless there is an explicit and consciously chosen alternative strategy. In our sales department, we find that buyers almost universally use all online information channels before meeting and exchanging information in person. This means that in our context, a sensible online presence is very important. In all of our four areas, we are in strong competition, which is why we are specifically strengthening our online presence in terms of sales.

Why did you decide on Visable and the B2B platform wlw? Did the changing conditions of the last few years also influence your decision to have a presence on

With, we experience a platform that positions numerous companies professionally.

Plastro Mayer has already been represented on the platform since 2017 and we have at all times found it important and useful for our presence in the B2B world to be represented there.

What other effects have you been able to achieve so far and what optimisation suggestions do you have, e.g. special features that would make wlw even more powerful in the future from your point of view?

What we have definitely achieved is that we have been able to increase our online presence and visibility. That is a significant effect, which we where aiming for, of course. So that has worked well. I see potential for optimisation, for example, in more offensive campaigns on different topics and in extended support for suitable partner matches.

What marketing activities are you currently involved with? Or: Which marketing activities have become less important for you in recent months?

We are currently very busy with social media marketing and online marketing.

Print media have lost importance for us, because we are noticing more and more that our print media are being used less and less. Our customers are international and we therefore deliver worldwide - a corresponding reach via online measures is therefore the most important thing for us.

How important is the topic of sustainability in your company?

Sustainability has a very high priority for us. We are guided by the three sustainability areas of ecology, economy and social issues. When it comes to our own energy supply, we focus on climate-friendly and future-oriented solutions. Likewise, through innovative and well thought-out production processes and products, we support a resource-conserving and climate-friendly change in the global economy. In this way, we also strengthen Trochtelfingen as a business location, which means that as a large employer in the Swabian Alb region, we offer many people a secure job. Through attractive employee benefits and a company health management system, we give our employees incentives to act holistically and sustainably, for example with regard to their own health.

Ms Grupp, thank you very much for the interview and we wish you all the best!


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