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Webinar marketing: precisely address customers to achieve more conversions

Webinar marketing enables you to address existing and potential customers in a targeted way and introduce them to the bundled expertise of your company. Webinars also offer a host of additional benefits. We present 8 reasons why webinars are essential in today’s marketing mix.

Webinar marketing in action


8 reasons for webinar marketing

There are good reasons why webinar marketing is the latest trend. Three basic pillars of webinars make them a highly efficient tool in modern marketing:

  • A webinar allows you to prepare the know-how of your company for an interested group of customers in a way that is relevant to the target group. Activities such as trading webinars and software tutorials are seen as real premium content.
  • There is hardly a more convenient way for customers to take on high-quality knowledge than through a webinar. The level of quality of a professional webinar is similar to that of an in-depth specialist article – and video webinars are comfortable to consume.
  • When it comes to webinars, high awareness and excellent conversion rates are virtually guaranteed.


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Webinar marketing offers many additional advantages. We have compiled the key benefits for you below:

1. Reach is higher, while cost remains low

Webinars can be advertised on all channels: on the company website, corporate blog or social media sites. This enables you to generate a number of interested leads in a short time. Compared to other high-quality content forms, the costs for a webinar are low. The only things you need to prepare are time and your competence! Platforms which broadcast your webinars only request a middle two-digit fee. This is in no comparison to the investment required for a seminar slot at trade shows or conferences, for which a middle or high four-digital sum can quickly come together.

2. Production is simple

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create a webinar. The basic form of a webinar includes a presentation which you comment on with competence. Knowledge of programming or other specialist know-how are not required!

3. Attendees’ attention is guaranteed

A webinar has the users’ full attention. Why? Because webinars require a high level of commitment. Webinars can only be attended on concrete days and times. If the user misses it or just didn’t pay attention, they don’t really have the chance to find the input somewhere else. This is one reason why webinar marketing results in an especially high number of leads and conversions.

4. Your list of (potential) customers gets longer

There’s the idea in marketing that the money lies in the list. What may sound cryptic to laymen is actually quite accurate. If you are able to set up an email list of (potential) customers legally, you can profit from this on a large scale. After all, it makes it possible for you to address them in a targeted way. A webinar is the ideal opportunity to collect contact details from the attendees, who are normally required to register to take part.  

5. Webinar marketing with top content lures in customers

An additional advantage of webinars: they are seen to provide exclusive premium content. This lures in significantly more customers than traditional content formats.

6. Anonymous attendance taps into new customer groups

An extremely underrated advantage of webinars is there anonymous approach. The opportunity for interested parties to listen to your presentation and your expertise, without any obligations, is also attractive for customers who are rather hesitant to contact you via a contact form or phone.

7. Trust is built

Within the scope of a webinar, your company receives a “face” in the form of a moderator. Interested parties get to know your brand in this way and develop a likeness for it. In best case, the moderator is able to build the first amount of trust through the webinar. This forms the foundation for turning your audience members into customers.

8. Webinar marketing as a means to SEO

Webinars are an interesting means to ensure search engine optimisation (SEO). The reason for this lies in the appeal of this form of content. Thanks to the exclusive setting, the dates of interesting webinars usually spread like wildfire on the Internet among your target group. The positive side effect: you naturally generate back links, which advance your website!

Webinars are effective

Webinar marketing has grown over the past years to become one of the most popular tools in marketing – for good reason. Webinars are just as effective as they are an efficient means to win over new customers.

Webinar marketing:

  • reaches the target group without causing high costs,
  • can be broadcast without any previous specialist knowledge,
  • grabs the audience’s full attention,
  • enables you to convince attendees with your know-how and expertise,
  • increases your conversion rate and
  • allows you to address customers personally and in a targeted way in future.


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