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cesitec GmbH: Your go-to experts in mechanical engineering

We had a chat with Stefan Jilka, CEO of cesitec GmbH, a leading expert in machine safety and occupational health & safety. From embracing digital strategies to forging strategic partnerships, their journey offers valuable insights for any B2B company looking to thrive.In this interview, we'll discover the surprising results they achieved through Visable and how it opened doors to uncharted territories, unlocking unexpected partnerships. These insights translate into actionable tips for optimizing your B2B marketing strategy in today's digital age. We'll also explore the key challenges they see in the future and their proactive approach to addressing them, providing valuable foresight for navigating the ever-evolving B2B landscape.

Geschäftsführer Christian Frei

Mr. Stefan Jilka, CEO of cesitec GmbH

Mr. Jilka, what is your areas of expertise?

cesitec is a nationwide service provider in the mechanical engineering sector specializing in machine safety and occupational health and safety. We support the industry with qualified engineering services and help to optimize CE processes within the company.

Our range of services includes the preparation of verification documentation, engineering and consulting concerning safety technology and support in all phases of project realization. Our focus is on finding legally compliant and economically viable solutions for our customers.  

What key challenges do you see in your industry, and how is cesitec GmbH contributing to solutions?

The markets are changing at a rapid pace, which is why we are constantly on the move and adapting to new circumstances. We expect complete cross-industry solutions to be developed in the field of machine safety, which points to increased collaboration and integration in various industries to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Has the coronavirus significantly impacted your online marketing approach? If so, are you reallocating your marketing budget to prioritize online channels over traditional methods like trade fairs?

Embracing the digital shift, we're amplifying our online marketing and social media presence to counter market fluctuations. This means strategically scaling back traditional tactics like trade fairs, allowing us to focus on high-impact digital channels.

As we look ahead, the significance of personal contacts in business is expected to diminish. Instead, digital sales activities are poised to become a vital complement to our existing contact channels. The internet stands as a key player in our sales strategy, facilitating the accessibility of our products and services to a global audience. Through various online platforms, we can directly engage with potential customers, implementing effective marketing strategies and receiving valuable feedback. This offers us the opportunity to optimize both the contact and sales processes, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for all stakeholders.

What attracted you to our platform?

Having established itself as a market leader for years, wer liefert was was a natural choice for us. The platform's embrace of digitalization, paired with its comprehensive supplier and product search, made it an ideal tool for increasing our visibility and connecting with future customers. Of course, the pandemic further solidified our decision to ramp up our online presence.

In what ways did Visable and wer liefert was stand out and meet your specific business needs?

Utilizing wer liefert was for around nine years, we've actively increased our engagement in the last four years by investing in additional service packages. Remarkably, we saw enquiries starting to roll in within just three weeks!

It was also very surprising that we were able to acquire customers from industrial sectors that we had not thought of beforehand. wer liefert was has proved to be a catalyst here.

The dedicated service and advice of the account managers was very helpful and motivated everyone involved at cesitec to amp up our profile and showcase our expertise. The company's transparent presentation always fulfilled our expectations. It was very surprising that we were able to acquire customers from industrial sectors that we had not thought of beforehand. wer liefert was/visable has proved to be a catalyst here and the visibility and market perception of cesitec GmbH was increased.

What key marketing initiatives are you currently prioritizing to achieve your growth goals?

We now prioritize content creation, social media engagement, SEO optimization, email marketing, and digital advertising. This approach ensures we effectively connect with our target audience and understand their unique needs. Now, traditional cold calling plays a minor role in our strategy, while landing pages and Google Ads have become key tools for refining our audience reach and maximizing impact.

What role does sustainability play in your company's vision and mission?

At cesitec, sustainability isn't a mere trend; it's a core principle deeply embedded in our company's DNA. We believe this commitment goes beyond environmental responsibility, creating a positive cycle that benefits everyone.

Internally, it fosters a sense of purpose and shared responsibility through sustainable practices. This attracts and retains motivated employees. It also translates into tangible benefits like cost savings and reduced emissions. Externally, our dedication aligns with an environmentally conscious market, boosting both our reputation and market value.  

Thank you for this insightful interview, Mr. Jilka!


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