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They can contribute significantly to your visitbility.

Always keep your profile information up to date and complete for maximum visibility. You make a significant contribution to your visibility by completely filling out all the points listed here for your company profile. The more content you include, the more relevant you are to potential buyers.
If you have any problems here, please feel free to contact us at any time, stating your concerns
By providing information about your company, you give buyers the opportunity to quickly get a good impression of your company. You can enter all relevant data using the “YOUR E*PAGE” button. 

Topic and signature
Here you can personalize your E*Page (= company profile page). You can upload a custom background. You can also customize your signature. There is also the possibility of playing these out differently depending on the market. To do this, follow the instructions in your profile. Baselines can only be entered in one language for all versions of the E*Page.
Data and address of the company 
Edit your company address and logo here. Square logos look best on your company profile! Maximum size for the logo: 10 KB, 200x200 pixels. Possible formats: GIF, JPG, PNG. If you change your company master data, please contact our customer service at 
Organization of the company 
Here you can enter your founding year and determine whether you are a manufacturer, service provider and define your “main activity”. This information is mandatory and must be provided during onboarding so that the company profile can be published. 
Key data 
This information serves as criteria for the advanced search. This increases the chances that your company will be found. Here you disclose the number of employees, number of sales staff and the export share of total sales in percent. 
Network internationally by linking to your company website, relevant subpages or the pages of foreign sales partners in the right place.There are 3 links available for each language .You have the option of linking the corresponding language version of your customer website (myeuropages) for the languages ​​you have booked. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for you to do this yourself. If you are interested, please contact customer support at 
 This makes it even easier for potential customers to get in touch with you! You can also assign your links to different areas such as “main page”, “catalog page” or “YouTube”. Is your company active on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook? Add your social media accounts to expand your international network. 
Contact details
A personal contact person is also highly relevant for buyers in international sales: He ensures that contact is established, maintained and maintained. Make sure that the correct contact person or branch is entered with all current contact details! This means that interested parties can contact those responsible directly - even if, for example, B. is your sales partners abroad. 
Your videos and images
Pictures speak for themselves: Compel targets internationally with meaningful photos! Up to 10 images can be uploaded as JPEG, PNG or GIF (min. format size: 200x200 px / maximum file size per image: 200 KB). 
You can have up to 3 videos Integrate via your website or a provider such as YouTube or Vimeo (two video links and one embedded link).3 Simply enter the appropriate URL - for example, the page on your website where the video appears.  This link will subsequently appear as a clickable vignette on your E*Page. If your video is already on a provider's platform such as YouTube or Vimeo, copy it the embedded code of the video and integrate it into the corresponding field. This way, the buyer can watch the video directly in their profile without leaving the E*Page. Attention: After saving and publishing, it may take a few hours for your video to become visible online! Please remember to delete the videos if they are no longer active. Disabled videos with an embedded link display an unattractive black space that questions the credibility of your company profile. 
Business field and development 
They are often crucial for international buyers. Under “Markets and trading zones” you can select this information specifically and also specify which working language is spoken in your area. This is particularly helpful because the buyer can see directly in which languages ​​they can contact you when they contact you. All relevant areas then appear clearly on the map of your E*Page (= company profile page). 
In addition, you can specify the delivery conditions and payment methods you accept in this area of ​​your E*Page. 
Documents such as price lists, certificates or product catalogs can be important for buyers to get a quick impression and overview. In this section you have the option to publish such information in PDF format. 
Company news
Have you received an award or are you introducing a new, interesting product? Share your news! What happens at your site can be exciting for your profile visitors and arouse interest in new products or services. Simply click on “Add a new item” and follow the instructions. One image can also be added for each new item. By the way, you can publish your news in different languages ​​- this way you make relevant changes and products available to international contacts. 
What terms are your potential customers using to search? Make sure that your company is found - with key terms that match your activity or product. At europages you can define up to 30 key terms in the language of your choice. If necessary, these can be changed or supplemented at any time.  
 The so-called “Heading” is used for classification in our search engine. At least one is mandatory and tops your list of keywords. It is also already translated into 26 languages. A heading for your E*Page is automatically assigned to your company when the profile is created. To edit your heading, enter a keyword and select a suggestion from the list. Or you can browse the europages list by clicking on “Browse by sector”.   
 The “available key terms “ offer the opportunity to enter a product or service exactly as it appears on your website. Because they are randomly selectable, they cannot be found in our database of already translated keywords. Hence, please send this to so that we can enter and translate them for you. Make sure that keywords consist of no more than 3 to 4 words.  

 To view the translations of your keywords, click the icon under the keyword. If you disagree with the translations, simply select a language from the list of translated languages ​​and enter your own translation. 
 A new translation of your keywords and texts is included in your package once a year to extend your contract term. Use this opportunity to keep your information up to date in all languages! 

To add keywords, click “Your Keywords” on the left side of the dashboard. You will find them above Number of keywords , which are available to you, as well as the number of terms already used. 
 You can Add key terms by adding them to the list. You can change existing Customize key terms by clicking “Edit”. 
Don't forget to click "Save and Publish" when you are finished with the Update your key terms complete are.  
If you have the products multilingual offer, you can check the translation via the small window under the keyword. 

After all translations have been created, you have the option to edit them to change/by your own translations for the key terms to replace. Scroll through the overview of languages ​​and select a language. In the list of key terms, paste your preferred translation in the text bar to the right of the word, click “ Save and publish “. 
Descriptive text
Your offer text is highly relevant for the placement of search results. Use language specific to your industry and describe what sets you apart from your competitors! In the drop-down list above the text you will see the translation, which you can also change. 

When you save, the text is automatically published and your E*Page is updated immediately. An indicator shows whether your description is online (visible on your E*Page), offline or just saved (not visible). A mere sequence of key terms is neither understandable nor pleasant to read. Make it easy for customers and pay attention to sentence structure, grammar, spelling and  coherent and complete copywriting! Use all 1,500 available characters to describe your offer precisely.  

 The goal of your E*Page is to attract the attention of search engine users who enter precise and specific search terms. To be found, you should choose specific key terms from your field of activity.  Check the relevance of your text. Copywriting that consists of a mere sequence of key terms is not understandable to a human user.  Write short sentences and thereby optimize readability on the screen. Check the syntax, grammar and spelling of your text to give your visitors a professional impression.  

Don't waste your 1,500 characters superfluous Phrases: Hello, my name is, best regards, etc. Your telephone number, address and company history do not have to be mentioned again in the text. This information is already displayed on your E*Page.  Copy your sentences into a search engine and check whether the same text does not already exist elsewhere. 
It is essential here that your text has not been copied somewhere and that you work with correct sentences (no keyword stuffing) and concentrate on the company's activities and products. 
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