Where can I view the performance report for my company profile on wlw?

This service is only available to customers with a service package. You can access the monthly performance analysis (statistics) from the last 12 months on your dashboard at any time. You can view the analysis here and download it as a PDF via the "locate performance analysis" menu item. In this menu, you will also find daily visitors, and you can quickly and easily approach interested customers. If you don't have access to your dashboard yet, you can easily activate it yourself. To do this, please visit our website wlw.dewlw.at oder wlw.ch and click Sign In in the top righthand corner. You will find here the link "create login credentials for your company profile". You will then be guided through the registration process for your online login. If you use an e-mail address for the registration that is already stored in our system, you will be automatically informed and taken to the "Forgot your password" screen.  You will then receive an automated e-mail containing another link. Please confirm this for final activation of your login. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care at info@visable.com.  

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