What should I consider with the categories? 

There are companies that only specialise in a few select products or services. These companies can best show their competence with a few targeted entries in a few categories. There are then companies that offer a whole spectrum of different services. It makes sense for these companies to position themselves as broadly as possible and to select and use many offer categories to achieve a high level of discoverability. It is also important to link each category to a product or service and if necessary, explain it in greater detail using a listing description so that customers can get a good overview of your service offer. Note: if you want to edit or delete the categories, please do not delete all categories, otherwise your profile will be offline.  Do you have any questions about the advertising opportunities on "wer liefert was?" If so, feel free to contact our Customer Care at any time at info@visable.com. 

A new umbrella for "Wer liefert was" and Europages

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