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Visable partner programme: 
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Soundsorba boosting exports throughout Europe

We spoke to Munir Hussain, CEO of Soundsorba, about his expansion strategy and how the company profile on EUROPAGES supports the growth of his company.


Tell us a little about the history of Soundsorba Limited – How did you become such a successful company?

Soundsorba Limited was the brainchild of business entrepreneur and acoustician, Munir Hussain. Munir’s innovative acoustic designs with guaranteed performance found their niche in the market of bespoke acoustic products. Free guidance is provided by our excellent customer service team, giving our customers complete peace of mind. Soundsorba were the first acoustic manufacturers to deliver tailor-made solutions within 5 days of taking an order. With this ground-breaking service, Soundsorba was able to respond to increasing customer demand and therefore the company grew rapidly.

What kind of products do you offer?

Soundsorba Limited boasts a wide range of decorative sound- control solutions for walls, ceilings and doors. Our wall products are either fitted as a continuous wall lining or as individual panels available in various sizes and colors. Ceiling acoustic panels come in all sorts of different shapes, material and resistance levels.

What do your customers particularly like about Soundsorba Limited?

Customers particularly like the friendly and helpful attitude of our staff. Each and every customer is treated like a business partner and we engage ourselves to do everything necessary to solve the customer’s particular acoustic problem. We are not in the game to take quick orders, we strive to build long lasting and loyal relationships with customers. Our staff often receive compliments on the service quality.

What role do the European and international markets have on your business growth?

Although Soundsorba is a U.K-based manufacturer, we are receiving increasing business from European and overseas markets, particularly the Middle East. We owe this growth to our wide product range, the unique design of our panels and our low costs.

What is your vision for global growth?

Soundsorba’s business plan is to expand globally. The first phase is to develop significantly in Europe and the Middle East. The second phase involves targeting Africa and the South American markets.

What was the reason for having a company profile on Visable (EUROPAGES & “Wer liefert was”)?

We decided to have a company profile on Visable in order to extend our reach in the various European markets. Building our brand, product and service awareness. An excellent opportunity to achieve our global growth goals.

Has your presence on Visable (EUROPAGES/wlw) been successful and what was your return on investment?

Our presence on Visable has certainly boosted exports throughout Europe by allowing us to communicate with potential clients in multiple languages. For example, our product catalogue is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Arabic, our products are showcased in a multitude of markets, especially those we are targeting in phase 1 and 2.

Would you recommend Visable?

I would definitely recommend Visable to companies who are looking to increase turnover in Europe.

What advice would you give ambitious British companies wanting to export?

My advice would be to extensively promote your business on specialised platforms offering the widest range of marketing services. There are fantastic market opportunities in Europe and in other regions such as the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, and one should aim at optimising one’s visibility beyond the UK boundaries.

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