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Online reviews for B2B: key competitive advantage

Credible online reviews are also very important in the B2B segment – after all, they influence the reputation of a company. What you can do to get positive reviews is discussed here.

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Why are online reviews important?

Generally speaking, positive online reviews are important for convincing customers of a company’s offers and for boosting sales. Especially in the B2B segment, the products or services are often of a higher quality and therefore higher priced than in the B2C segment. As a result, customers inform themselves to a greater degree before they take a purchasing decision. A survey by Capterra on the importance of online reviews even came to the conclusion that customers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations from friends.

User reviews also make a significant contribution to building up a good reputation. For the B2B segment, this means: quality over quantity. After all, not all user reviews help in equal measure to improve the reputation of a company.

Serious customer references on a company’s own website, which contain a comprehensive experience report, are very valuable. This is also confirmed by a B2B survey from Spiegel Research Centers: the display of reviews on websites and landing pages can increase the conversion rate.

So-called crowdsourcing reviews, where many people provide their customer experiences, are also important; however, their significance is normally secondary. This includes Google reviews or other big-name review portals.

And last but not least, online reviews increase visibility in search results, mainly in local searches such as on Google Maps. All in all, it is clear: good online reviews provide a vast competitive advantage.


The display of reviews on websites and landing pages can increase the conversion rate.

Measures for getting good online reviews

For this reason, a good strategy is important when it comes to collecting positive online reviews:

Ask your customer base for their online reviews

Ask your customers via email to review your product or service – particularly customers who you are certain would recommend your company. Ideal would be to place such a request shortly after a successful purchase or order. You increase the number of customers who answer this request if you provide an incentive, such as a prize draw or the guarantee of a discount.

Use the big-name online platforms for reviews

Using a retargeting campaign on Facebook or Google, you can ask users who have already ordered something from you to provide a review. Retargeting is generally cheaper than other forms of online advertising.

Consider reputation management software

The program captures what is being written about you and your products or services in various blogs, social networks and media. This lets you plan future activities better.



Do not ignore negative reviews

Answer as quickly as possible and in a friendly tone of voice. Admit your mistake and offer the customer a solution that may satisfy them. Then actively ask them for a positive comment when the problem has been rectified.


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