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Tap into new B2B customers with Google My Business

A professional listing with Google My Business serves as a shop sign for companies and ensures better visibility in the search results. B2B companies also profit from additional benefits.And now, at the end of 2021, Google announced some changes – including a new name. Read more about this 

Google My Business is now Google Business Profile

With Google My Business, enterprises can showcase their profile free of charge on Google Maps and in Google’s search results list. This will continue to be possible in future. But in October 2021, the company announced it will change the name to Google Business Profile. The Google My Business website will also now be called Business Profile Manager in future.

However, the basic idea behind this service will remain the same. Unlike a traditional business listing, the profile can contain much more than just your contact details. It is possible, and advisable, to add photos, special offers or advertising promotions, in addition to your linked website – with the aim to grab the user’s attention to your company. At the same time, you also have the chance to communicate directly with customers via your Google Business Profile.

Google My Business logo
Unlike a traditional business listing, the profile can contain much more than just your contact details.

During a search via Google on a computer, the business listing appears when the company name is entered and is prominently placed in the right margin, next to the paid and organic search ads. An image and a map excerpt from Google Maps provide a visual eye-catcher and shows where the company is located geographically and what it looks like from the outside. During a search on a mobile device, the Google My Business listing, now your Google Business Profile,  appears across the entire smartphone display. And the company’s location is shown on Google Maps, together with a brief description.

Those who are not searching explicitly for your company, but for products or services, for instance, find your Google Business Profile too – however, along with other competitors in the same field of business.

Companies will be able to manage their accounts more easily

At the same time, Google has not only changed the name, it has also undertaken an update that will particularly make it easier for you to manage your account. This includes, for instance, company information or customer communication via your Google Business Profile. Both will be possible via the search and via Google Maps in future, without having to visit the website or the Google My Business app. What’s more, you as an entrepreneur can also see how often your profile is shown and receive recommendations for actions to take to make your company more visible on the Internet.

On top of this, Google aims to integrate additional functions. For instance, a filter which showcases in the results list only those retailers who actually have the product being searched for in stock. And in North America, a calls history is already available. It enables you to see on the search level how many calls took place via the Google Business Profile and how many were accepted or missed. All of these changes should be finalised in late 2021 or early 2022.

Google Business Profile for B2B – why does this make sense?

B2B enterprises normally profit little from local drop-in customers who are searching on Google or Google Maps for products or services in the area. So, why is a Google Business Profile significant for the business customer sector? For the following reasons:

  • Business customers research the procurement of materials or services using various channels – naturally online too. Your Google Business Profile helps you to present relevant information at a glance and offers potential customers the chance to get in touch with you quickly and easily.
  • A completed and well-maintained profile allows for a long-term good placement in the Google search results. After all, the more often a company’s website is clicked on, the better your chances of appearing at the top of the search results list with your business listing.
  • Your Google Business Profile offers customers the opportunity to generate reviews, to rate the company and to talk with other customers using the comment function. Good ratings boost the B2B enterprise’s reputation; a high interaction rate increases your visibility in the Google search.
  • Your Google Business Profile may lead to an increase in customer loyalty. On the one hand, this tool enables direct interaction with customers; on the other hand, it offers the option to publish news about the company or to announce events.
  • Due to the special circumstances caused by the Covid pandemic, Google offers a range of expansions for users’ Google Business Profiles. These include marking a business as “Temporarily Closed”, adding links for vouchers or donations, or showing “Only Online” offers. What’s more, service attributes like “In-store Shopping” or “Store Pick-up” are also available.
  • Thanks to the connection of Google My Business, your Google Business Profile in future, with the analysis tool Google Analytics, B2B enterprises gain a glimpse into the behaviour of their customers and see which products are well received and which miss their target. New insights even allow enterprises to understand how the company account is being searched for and found. A detailed list shows the search words which were used, whether the company was found via the search or via Maps, and which device the visitor used.

Conclusion: a Google Business Profile is also imperative for the B2B segment

With a Google Business Profile, B2B enterprises can improve their online presence and start up a direct dialogue with their customers. The listing is free of charge and a small important step for increasing the enterprise’s visibility on the Internet. Because it functions as the first point of call in many cases, the profile should always be kept up to date and maintained. This also includes the speedy reply to queries and the selection of new reviews. The value of this digital business card will not only gain importance in the coming years due to the Covid pandemic – it is already perfectly suitable today for capturing the desired target group immediately during certain search requests.

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