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Effective advertising for your trade show booth

Whether your appearance at a trade show is a success or not depends heavily on how you advertise it. The rules for effective trade show booth marketing have changed fundamentally over the past years. Particularly social media has been taking on an ever-more important role. We show you how advertising for your booth can lead to success!

Effective advertising for your trade show booth

Advertising for your trade show booth: tips and tricks at a glance

The times when a simple press release was enough to advertise a trade show booth are long gone. Today, companies must lure in visitors to their booth. Read about the following important tips and tricks for effect advertising at your booth!

Tips for the right press relations

Thorough press relations serve as the basis for a successful booth. They are not only effective, they are also low in cost. Representatives of the press should be informed in good time about your trade show appearance – and especially about any highlights planned. The following tools help you to connect with representatives of the press:

  • Press releases
  • Product reports
  • Press folders
  • Press conferences

The main use of press relations lies in leveraging the seriousness of the newspapers and other “classic” media, which do not necessarily always have blogs and similar channels.


Leverage the potential of social media

Indeed, traditional press relations within the scope of advertising your booth continue to be vital. The potential of social media, however, is just as high. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar sites to bring attention to your booth. At the same time, use your corporate blog to tease key facts and figures about your appearance.

The use of social media profiles is free of charge; however, their reach is limited. Ads designed solely for the trade show, in contrast, can be broadcast specifically to the target group and usually score points with their high reach.

Influencer marketing: turn to bloggers and YouTube stars

Angela Merkel knows: famous YouTube stars and bloggers have enormous reach. It’s the reason why the German chancellor gave exclusive interviews to well-known YouTube stars during her election campaign in 2017. The important thing to remember is that the influencers not only have to be popular, they also have to have a level of professionalism. Only in this way can you convince customers of the high level of your collaboration and, ultimately, your competence.

Coupons and prize draws pay off

Use your booth for promotions and activities. A good way to lure in visitors is to offer discount coupons. These could be given away to interested persons in advance to the trade show or handed out at the show. If they have the option to save money by visiting your booth, they will be happy to come by!

An additional incentive is prize draws – especially when prizes are only handed out after visiting the booth. Tip: prize draws are perfect for advertising in social media too.


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Enable visitors to make appointments online

There is lots for visitors to discover at a trade show – they have the choice between many booths. And they are quickly overstimulated. If you allow interested persons to make an appointment in advance online, you are increasing the probability that they will actually visit your booth.

Use the trade show itself as an advertising platform

Many larger trade shows offer space for exhibitors on their websites. Use this chance and describe exactly what potential visitors can expect at your booth. Can you impress them with special products? Or are your setting yourself apart from the competition in another way – by using your booth for promotions, for instance? Then you should advertise these on the trade show’s website!

Effective advertising measures also include information packages which are handed out to the visitors as they enter the fair grounds. Ensure that the package features advertising for your booth.

Gentle pressure is worthwhile

Within the scope of advertising for your booth, it pays off to put a gentle amount of pressure on the visitors – for example, by limiting a booth promotion to a certain period of time. Visitors to your booth between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. could possibly receive a gift or exclusive consulting?

The right advertising for your booth lures in visitors

Advertising for your trade show booth has an enormous impact on how many visitors go to your booth during the trade show. It is just as important to rely on traditional advertising channels as it is to leverage new media.

This means:

  • Use YouTube stars and bloggers to bring attention to your trade show appearance.
  • Broadcast advertising in social media for your booth.
  • Use your corporate blog to tease your trade show appearance.

Allow interested persons to make an appointment online.


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