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Successful B2B influencer marketing: 4 examples

Influencers are not only out and about in the areas of beauty, lifestyle and fashion. They are also in the B2B segment. Here is where a high reach of the accounts and blogs alone is not important – instead, it’s the specialist content, the specification and the influencers’ personal reputation that count. These companies have shown what B2B influencer marketing can look like.

Examples of B2B influencer marketing


4 examples of successful B2B influencer marketing

1. American Express: bloggers as influencers

Bloggers are not only ideal as influencers for B2C marketing, they can also contribute to winning over new customers for companies. The finance service provider American Express employs an influential blogger from the design branch as well as a presenter for lifestyle goods. The blogger supports small enterprises and shops in making their acceptance of AmEx credit cards more well-known through the use of small stickers – while the presenter gives tips in video tutorials as to how owners can design their shops to be more attractive to customers. The entire campaign resulted in five million impressions on social media channels.

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2. Technology company Voith: experts as influencers

It goes without saying that experts in the B2B segment are perfect as influencers. The products and services are usually complex and require intensive explanation, which is why decision-makers want to be well informed before closing a deal. The interaction with other experts is part of this.

The technology company Voith sells technical equipment, among others, for hydroelectric power plants. With the goal of gaining attention for the topic of hydroelectric power, the company travelled to exceptional power plants throughout Europe with a group of experts. This tour and the many products and services from Voith were documented and broadcasted on several channels. The result: more than 13,000 interactions from users in four different social networks.

This is one of the videos of the campaign:


3. Plant manufacturer Andritz AG: target groups as influencers

Austria-based Andritz AG has followed an indirect approach to influencer marketing. Based on B2B personas, various target groups were defined which are suitable as influencers. These target groups were then fed with useful information through high-quality content. The goal: to enable the plant manufacturer to amaze persons who then give a positive impression of the company in their networks on their own. The opinion-makers never even had the feeling that they were acting as influencers for Andritz. The aim of this action is to strengthen brand awareness, especially in the new markets or for new solutions.

Here you can watch one of the informational videos:


4. Time Warner Cable Business Class: customer references as influencers

Time Warner Business Class, a provider of business services and business communication solutions, has won over customer references as influencers who push the value of the company’s products and services in short video messages. These are then broadcasted on social channels. The concrete aim is to get viewers to download an e-book from the company with a call to action at the end of the video. The e-book highlighted once again the benefits of services from Time Warner. The company rated this action a complete success.


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