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Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice

Fanuva Global: 
Leading Furniture Factory in Turkey 

Fanuva Global is a supplier of Furniture, Mattress and Components and emphasizes the benefit of Online Marketing and B2B Platforms in order to be visible on a global level. Mr. Nuri Korahmetoglu & Fatih Mutlu give some insights on how the partnership with Visable has improved their visibility in the internet and how they have achieved even better results by using the europages platform.

Mr. Nuri Korahmetoglu & Fatih Mutlu, Founders of Fanuva Global

Mr. Nuri Korahmetoglu & Mr. Fatih Mutlu, what does your company specialise in?

Fanuva Global specialises in the export of a diverse range of products. Our core focus areas include Carpets, Furniture, Mattress, Bedding, as well as various components and materials essential for mattresses, such as fabric, covers, felts, springs, coils, labels, Tape Edge, wadding and foam. In addition, we offer furniture and mattresses specifically tailored to the needs of furniture stores and hotel projects. With our comprehensive understanding of these industries and our extensive product range, we are able to cater to the specific requirements of our clients and deliver high-quality solutions that meet their expectations.

Which challenges do you think you'll be faced with in the future? Or: Which developments do you expect to see in your sector?

One of the key challenges we anticipate in the future is the rise in global inflation, which has a direct impact on the purchasing decisions of end-consumers when it comes to furniture and sleep products. As inflation rates increase, consumers may become more cautious and selective in their buying choices, potentially affecting our sales and overall market demand. Furthermore, we expect to face additional challenges arising from the rapid increase in fuel rates, as well as escalating costs of materials and labour. These factors directly influence the overall cost of our products, making it necessary for us to carefully manage and optimize our supply chain, production processes, and pricing strategies to maintain competitiveness in the market. To address these challenges and developments in our sector, we are committed to closely monitoring market trends, engaging in cost-saving initiatives, and exploring alternative sourcing options. By leveraging our industry expertise and implementing efficient strategies, we aim to mitigate the impact of these challenges and ensure the continued success of our business in the face of a dynamic and evolving market.

Why did you choose Visable and the B2B platform wlw and europages?

We selected Visable and the B2B platforms wlw and europages based on our extensive experience with various digital marketplaces and B2B portals since 2012. Over the years, we have witnessed substantial business growth through the effective utilization of these tools. Visable, wlw and europages have established themselves as prominent players in the B2B platform landscape, and we believe that partnering with them will further enhance our visibility and anticipate even better outcomes by leveraging the capabilities and extensive network provided by your platform.

We value the opportunities presented by Visable and the B2B platform wlw and Europages, and we look forward to maximizing our business potential, expanding our customer base and establishing fruitful partnerships through the utilization of these platforms.

Are you investing more in online marketing during the last years and therefore in Visable too? For example, are you shifting your trade fair budget to your marketing budget?

Yes, for sure! In response to the pandemic, we have recognized the growing significance of online marketing as a powerful tool to reach our target audience and maintain business continuity. While we acknowledge the value of trade fairs in connecting with customers and showcasing our products, we believe that online marketing and trade fairs serve different purposes and cannot be directly substituted for one another. Therefore, our approach has been to adapt and allocate resources to both online marketing and trade fairs.

What role does the Internet play in the sale of your products?

The internet plays a pivotal role in the sale of our products as a furniture factory engaged in global exports. In today's business landscape, the internet has become the primary and essential medium for communication, connectivity and commerce. Through the internet, we are able to effectively showcase our products to a worldwide audience. So embracing and leveraging digital technologies the internet has become instrumental in our sales strategy, empowering us to effectively market and sell our furniture products to a global customer base.

Has the number of inquiries noticeably increased?

The number of inquiries has remained relatively stable, and we have not observed a noticeable increase in recent times. While we continuously monitor and track inquiry metrics, we have not witnessed any substantial fluctuations in the volume of inquiries received. However, we are consistently working towards enhancing our marketing efforts and exploring opportunities to attract a broader audience and generate more inquiries in the future.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement, e.g. special features, that you think would make wlw even better in the future?

We already use platform service packages and – picking just one - we would constructively suggest engaging in developing a mobile app for europages! Introducing a dedicated mobile app for Europages, specifically designed for premium members, would provide enhanced convenience and features tailored to smartphone usage. This would enable premium members to easily access and navigate the platform, while also enjoying exclusive benefits and features.

Additionally, which topics are you working on right now?

On current topic we are working on is to increase our visibility for suppliers of hotel projects and therewith to get a maximum number of verified inquiries from europages.

Thank you for your time and great answers, Mr. Nuri Korahmetoglu & Mr. Fatih Mutlu!


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