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Industry awards: what are awards good for in B2B marketing?

With an industry award, a company gains an important tool that can be used in many ways for communicating its success. Read here which awards are the most important in marketing and how you can advertise your honour effectively.

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Why awards put companies in a good light

If you have created a really good piece, you can enter it into a competition – set up by companies, the media or organisations that distinguish such work in the form of an award. This opportunity is open to you in many industries – and marketing is no exception. In the DACH region alone, a host of such awards are handed out every year, honouring excellent campaigns, projects and ideas in the most varied marketing disciplines.

Of course, it is personally satisfying to have your hard work be awarded for its creativity. But on top of this, an industry award is hugely important for a company looking to find recognition for its work:

·       It generates awareness.

·       It boosts your reputation.

·       It gives you a name in the industry.

A higher price structure is also easier to justify. Such an award likewise opens up the opportunity to start up contact with new, important decision-makers. In some cases, investors’ attention is also grabbed and new business fields are tapped into.

The requirements for winning an award

To achieve the advantages mentioned above, the award must satisfy certain requirements. Since the turn of the century, more and more awards are constantly being handed out, at times in very specific categories. The result is that the value of these awards are being watered down in general. At the same time, the entry of a creative work is also often connected with an investment in terms of time and money. To ensure the participation in such a competition is worthwhile, the award should …

  • … be valuable for the company, in other words make sense for integrating into the company’s own communications.
  • … be handed out by a serious, objective and non-partisan institution, such as from an industry organisation or a trade magazine.
  • … be honoured based on reasonable criteria.
  • … be given on a fair basis, for instance not in connection with a big stretch of ads.

A selection of established marketing awards

The following industry awards are some of the most important in marketing. They are normally given annually:

  • German Brand Award: According to the organiser, this is the brand and marketing awards with the widest reach in the German-speaking region.
  • Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation (German): Awards for digital campaigns and projects, with an own category for product and B2B communications.
  • Best of Content Marketing (German): According to the organiser, this is Europe’s largest content marketing competition, with categories for magazines, content campaigns and content platforms in the B2B segment.
  • Deutscher Marketing Preis (German): Since 1973, the seal of quality for the best of the best in German marketing.
  • BoB-Award (German): Honouring relevant and successful communication concepts and measures from B2B companies in the DACH region.
  • Deutscher Digital Award (German): Awards creative digital work of the highest quality in the DACH region for the B2C and B2B segments.

Marketing awards effectively

Companies that have won an award for their outstanding work should strategically leverage this with the aim to reinforce the positive effects of the honour. The following varied measures are ideal for achieving this:

  • Communicate the winning of the award to the public via press releases, newsletters, social media, the company website and other channels.
  • Use the award in internal communications to raise motivation and the identification of employees with the company.
  • Tell a story of success centred round the award participation and publish this on blogs or in corporate magazines.
  • Integrate the award label in all communications channels and add it to products in some cases.
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