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Content marketing managers: the right content in the right place

Professional content marketing serves as the basis for successful online marketing. The objective is to set yourself apart from the mass of competition, to address readers in a targeted way and provide them with relevant information to convert them into customers. The person responsible for this content is the content marketing manager.

A content marketing manager at her desk

Who needs such an employee? Every enterprise in the B2C and B2B sectors! The Internet is the most important marketing channel – today and in the future – and SMEs must present themselves on the Net in a professional way in order to be successful and to speak to customers directly. If enterprises do not have their own content marketing manager, they should work together with the right agency or media company who has such employees and can fill company websites with high-quality content.

Content marketing managers are the new marketing specialists

If an enterprise wants to successfully present itself on the Internet, it needs unique content with concrete added value for the target group. Companies must continually provide users with relevant information in order to increase the users’ loyalty. To create such content, both small and large enterprises alike need specialists – the content marketing manager.

Content marketing managers: their tasks

All in all, the tasks of a content marketing manager include the planning and execution of content, as well as the measurement of success and the optimisation of the strategy. The basis: the right content at the right time in the right channels.

The job of a content marketing manager is to broaden reach, to plan and execute new content and to optimally distribute it across various channels. Customers should be amazed by the content, and the success of these measures is measured by the content marketing manager. To achieve this, they find the right cooperating partners, develop strategies for an optimal execution and ensure the objectives are achieved. The collaboration with other specialists is also part of the job, including in the area of search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing. The content marketing manager plans text, uses different channels such as email marketing or social media to distribute content, and commissions Web analyses or performs these themselves.

Checklist of typical areas of work:

  • Online PR
  • Online marketing
  • Planning and execution of content strategies
  • Creation of content or commissioning authors and monitoring them
  • Entering content into a content management system (CMS)
  • Measuring success and optimising measures

The tasks overlap with those of media designers and online editors.


Content Marketing Schritte

Planning and execution: a new market should be tapped into

If an enterprise would like to establish a product or service on the market, it’s important that the target group is addressed with the right content in the right channel. With the new content as the basis, the question arises: how can the content be presented in the best way and be read by as many potential customers as possible? In addition to SEO measures and email marketing, the distribution of content on social media channels is also an option.

What is demanded of a content marketing manager?

A successful content marketing manager has strong communication skills, can work out complex concepts and delegate tasks across several departments. The career combines technical and editorial skills. In the technical area, basic knowledge of HTML as well as image and video editing are necessary. This is in addition to the ability to write high-quality text with the correct spelling and grammar; know-how in SEO is an absolute must. Important is also strategic thinking, realising plans and working in a goal-centric way.

For the planning and execution of content campaigns, creativity and the ability to realise strategies are in high demand. The deadline is always tight; working under pressure can’t be a problem. The content marketing manager has to know how and on which channels the content can be distributed on the Internet and be familiar with social media channels.

Suitable areas of study include journalism, communications science or media informatics. Editorial experience and technical skills are also required and can be gained during an internship.

The content marketing manager: advertising pros in the Internet age

The content marketing manager is responsible for the targeted execution of content strategies on the Internet. Their task is to publish the right content at the right time and in the right place. In this way, the enterprise provides true added value for its customers and increases its reach. The content marketing manager takes care of the planning, generation, monitoring and optimisation of the content. For enterprises, online marketing is the most important communications channel.

  • Content marketing managers plan, generate, monitor and optimise content.
  • Technical and editorial skills, as well as the ability to work in a team, are required.
  • Content marketing managers continually generate genuine added value, strengthen customer loyalty and broaden reach.


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