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Keep track of your performance metrics

Analysis comes before strategy. Keep an eye on your performance metrics and actively use our data. In the next section, we will show you which numbers there are and how to work with them. You can use the “Your Statistics” link to access the most important key figures for evaluating the performance of your company profile. You can find this in your Login area. Here we explain all the important components and graphics.


Overview statistics 
On the “Overview” tab you will find all relevant key figures for the success of your company profile. In the “Profile” tab you can read concrete numbers about your profile. Likewise, in the “Display” and “Retargeting” cards. However, these only contain key figures if you have booked a corresponding add-on package. 
Overview - navigation and time limitation
Under the box “Completeness of your company profile” you can select the period for which you would like to view your evaluation. 
Overview - Completeness of your company profile 
The more meaningful you make your company profile, the higher the chance of numerous visitors and customer contacts. The description of your business area, many relevant keywords and are particularly relevant current Contact details. Additional documents (e.g. certificates) ensure a professional appearance. With your product portfolio you provide visitors with images and concrete information about your offer. 
Overview - Visibility 
Your visibility is the key to new contacts and successful business relationships. Here we show you how often you appeared in the buyers' company results list and how often your company profile was viewed. The number above E*Card (company card) shows the number of advertisements for your company or products on the search results page. The Company Profile (E*Page) number shows the number of visits to your profile or product pages by buyers. 
Overview - Interactions 
How many contacts came about through your europages company profile? Here you can see at a glance how many messages you have received, how often profile visitors have accessed your company website and how often your phone number has been requested. 
Overview - Visitor Profile
Here you will find the list of recognized professional buyers who are interested in your company and your activities. 

The link “View the entire report” takes you to a detailed overview that shows you which companies have recently clicked on your profile and your products on a daily basis. You can tell which platform the visitor was on to your profile by the respective logo. 
To quickly and directly generate contacts from this, you can of course also save all the information as a table. To do this, simply click on "all visitors in month yy" or "all visitors from the last 30 days." Then click on the "download CSV" button. 
Overview - where your visitors come from on a map 
The location of your interested customers can play a major role in communication and logistics. We show you which regions the visitors to your profile come from and which 5 countries were most frequently represented in the selected period. You can access further information about these metrics using the two detailed links “See the entire report” under the map and table. 
Profile - Overview
The performance of your company profile at a glance. From prospect to new customer in three steps: The key figures in this graphic show you how often you appeared in the buyers' results list, how many interested parties then clicked on your profile and how often there was an interaction on your company profile in the last step. The first percentage is the conversion rate. This is the ratio between the number of visitors who saw your company on the search results page and the number of visitors who visited your company profile or product pages. The second percentage is the ratio between the number of visitors to your company profile and your product pages and then the number of visitors who subsequently clicked on your website. 
Profile - Visibility and performance  
With this graphic you can directly track the success of your profile over a longer period of time. It shows the ups and downs seen throughout the year and reflects your appearance on the buyers' results lists (E*CARD = displayed cards), the clicks on your europages company profile (E*PAGE = viewed pages) and those on your company's own website (clicks on the website).
Profile - origin of your visitors
Here your international visitors are allocated by activity. Take a detailed look at the 5 countries that were most frequently represented among your prospects parties in the selected period: We differentiate between hits on the result lists (= “displayed cards”), visitors to your company profile (= viewed pages) and those that are your company’s own website (= clicks on your website). By clicking on the corresponding heading (“Cards viewed”, “Cards viewed” or “Clicks to your website”) you can view numbers in descending order (from largest to smallest value). 
Profile – Distribution of your viewed pages
Here we show you which of the products you offer are viewed most frequently. This way you can see at a glance which of your items arouse particular interest. The sorting follows the number of page views. 
If you have booked advertising campaigns to improve your awareness among a target group, you will find your key figures here. 
In this area you can view the numbers if you have booked a retargeting campaign. The retargeting campaigns offered by europages aim to increase your awareness among B2B players by distributing your campaign on a network of European sites accessed by professional buyers. 
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