How does wlw work?

The quick and convenient search on the leading B2B marketplace provides professional customers with reliable and detailed information on various products, services, and suppliers every month. In addition to the product details with product images, descriptions, delivery times, and availability, those searching also receive the corresponding company's contact information. Regular contact with suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, and service providers ensures that the data is up-to-date.

In addition to the up-to-date database, the intelligent search system also saves time: search words will be matched with around 
48,000 categories and their keywords within seconds. This way, customers can quickly find matching products and services and the right supplier without wasting any time. Specific requests can also be made directly from the company profile. With its wide range of free functions, such as connect, wlw also enables strategic supplier management: This includes searching by area, location, postal code as well as by manufacturer, dealer, service provider or wholesaler, or you make an request (connect) and wlw is responsible the matching provider. 

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