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New feature for the Visable app: integration of suppliers on europages

Suppliers listed on the international sourcing platform europages can now profit from numerous advantages in the Visable app. Visitors to the company profile are displayed, and push message inform you about new requests or news. What’s more, the app is available in five languages. You can find additional details here.

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What is europages?

The B2B platform europages helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) expand their international business. More than three million companies offer their products and services there across 26 different segments. This makes europages the world’s largest international B2B sourcing platform. Worldwide, it is present in 28 global markets – enabling as many companies as possible to find partners and distributors.

Every month, up to 2.3 million commercial buyers from Europe and other parts of the world visit europages to find matching sellers. This means providers with a professional company profile profit significantly from the many potentially interested persons who have been made aware of their offers in this way.

And who are not only using the direct search function on the platform. After all, the company profile appears on Internet research hit lists from Google or Bing, among the first results and regardless of the language in which the search was started.

europages via the Visable app

The international B2B platform europages has been online via the Visable website since 1995. Today, suppliers can now naturally access the platform’s services via the Visable app (for Android and iOS). Under the name “Visable” are bundled the offers from europages and its DACH region twin wlw (formerly “wer liefert was”).

The Visable app caters to all companies within the B2B environment and who already have a company profile on europages or wlw. And it provides numerous benefits. For instance, company profiles can be edited directly in the app and product information updated. Contact requests can be managed and replied to whenever and wherever directly in the app. What’s more, the online magazine Visable 360 Grad gives access to information on the latest industry developments.

New feature: integration of suppliers for europages suppliers

From now on, suppliers listed on europages are also integrated in the app. Requests from buyers immediately go through to the app and can be answered directly from the application on a smartphone or tablet, without the need for a desktop or laptop computer. On top of this, with a professional account, all of the profile’s visitors are displayed so that suppliers can be proactive and, for instance, put together a special offer for these potential customers.

Also helpful are the push messages, which, on request, suppliers can instantly receive in the app – when a new order request comes in or a new message within an existing dialogue is sent. And last but not least, the installation of the app is worthwhile for the very reason of a better user experience compared to the mobile version of the europages website.

Do you, too, want to be one of the roughly 3,000 companies every month who generate their own website on europages? Click here to sign up today!


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