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Tips & strategies5. June 2023

Artificial intelligence on Facebook and friends: how social media platforms are profiting from AI

The advancement of artificial intelligence is on a path of rapid continual development. Read below how enterprises can harness AI tools for their marketing and how the big-name social media platforms are profiting from artificial intelligence.

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The rapid development of artificial intelligence

For many years now, the buzzword “artificial intelligence” has frequently made the rounds, also in terms of corporate marketing and the new opportunities which smarter software offers. At the end of 2022 is when this development took major strides – giant leaps which are continuing well into mid-2023.

The launch of the intelligent chatbot ChatGPT has served as a catalyst; it set off a downright hype centred round the opportunities provided by AI, which are being pursued by enterprises from all industries with great interest. Whether in customer service, when generating content or for writing software codes – many areas can profit from artificial intelligence.

According to the Yearbook Digital Marketing 22/23 (German) from Bitkom, Germany’s digital association, the topic of “artificial intelligence in marketing” is still in its infancy in many medium-sized enterprises. Particularly automatised processes have hardly made any strides across the board. But every fourth enterprise is planning investments in AI, which means a huge increase in AI projects. There are numerous opportunities, above all for social media marketing, in terms of how artificial intelligence can make for more efficiency.

How to use AI for your social media marketing

Social media platforms are an important pillar within the marketing mix of many enterprises. At Facebook and similar, numerous benefits can be generated with the opportunities provided today by artificial intelligence – from saving human resources to fast and professional customer communication, from comprehensive reports to assistance in making decisions. Some concrete examples of how AI is already being harnessed today in social media marketing:

  •        AI can give suggestions on which topics match a brand and intended message content-wise, and build on content that is currently popular amongst the target group. It can take care of editorial reports or create posts for social media on its own. However, these should be reviewed by employees in terms of their accuracy and corporate language.
  •        Some AI models can be trained by enterprises to generate entire page architectures.
  •        AI tools can analyse data from the enterprise’s pages on social media and identify which keywords, images, hashtags and colours make an especially positive impression on the target group.
  •        Likewise, with the use of AI, photos as well as videos can be turned into dynamic animations, and design elements and colours schemes for images and videos suggested.
  •        AI can track tendencies in conversations in social media and thus help prevent potential crises, shitstorms, fake news or hate speech.


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How Facebook and similar are using artificial intelligence

Of course, the big-name social media platforms also use artificial intelligence – to improve the user experience and, ultimately, to boost engagement. Some concrete examples from the big players are as follows:


Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has been using artificial intelligence since back in 2013 to simulate human intelligence as far as possible. In concrete terms, it centres on deep text. This AI tool monitors comments, posts and other data generated on the website. An AI-based automatic monitoring system, as well as face recognition on pictures, are also used by Facebook. In future, a new technology from the Facebook company Meta, under the name of LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI), is slated to take chatbots to a new level.


AI on Twitter ensures that users receive recommendations in regards to matching tweets in the timelines which are specifically tailored to their interest. What’s more, it identifies offensive remarks. With TruthGPT, Twitter boss Elon Musk is starting an own software in future that aims to deliver better results than ChatGPT.



Instagram, too, uses an AI system to determine content that breaches the rules and to remove it or forward it to a human checker – even before someone reports the respective post. This works for both text and pictures. On top of this, personalised content is recommended, based on past interactions.


LinkedIn has been leveraging the help of AI for many years now to recommend suitable candidates for a certain job or to highlight interested persons who are actively looking for a new job and therefore obviously have a high need for such. Currently, the professional network is planning a host of new AI functions: job vacancies as well as summaries of user profiles will be written up for employers by artificial intelligence. 

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