Our Sustainability initiatives
Our Sustainability initiatives

Visable's sustainability initiatives

Visable supports the "Time for Climate Action" week 

We at Visable are proud to take part in the "Time for Climate Action" week for the second time which is organised by the non-profit organisation "Leaders for Climate Action" (LFCA).

During the “Time for Climate Action” week from the 18th - 24th of April we’re stepping up to tackle climate change together with 400 other companies. The common goal of this global initiative is to get people to take action and trigger 100 million meaningful climate measures.

On this occasion, we communicate our own climate actions and support the initiative with various marketing activities. Only through our combined efforts will we as a society be able to reduce our carbon footprint and to maintain the wellbeing of the planet for future generations.

It’s time for climate action!

Visable takes part in the tree planting project "We plant drinking water" 

On 5 November 2021, we at Visable took part in the planting project "We plant drinking water" by the non-profit association “Naturflächen e.V.".  

Our colleagues planted a total of 500 trees, which among other things contribute to groundwater formation. Each tree generates 200 litres of drinking water. The perfect weather and positive atmosphere made for a pleasant time away from our desks. 

Visable increases carbon transparency with Planetly

Visable is working with climate-technology start-up Planetly. Their state-of-the-art software solution will allow us to gain carbon transparency about our operations and automate our carbon management. In this way, we are focusing our sustainability efforts in order to take yet another step on our way to becoming a carbon neutral company.

Visable supports the reforestation project

Sustainability and CO2 awareness are becoming increasingly important to us at Visable. Most recently, we participated in the LFCA Action Week with several campaigns. One of which was that for every ten new customer contracts signed in the week of 19 to 23 April, we would reforest a part of the rainforest in Nicaragua. A total of 78 new contracts was signed, which means that eight parts of rainforest were saved thanks to us. 

Besides promoting climate protection, this project also helps to offer local families a way out of poverty and supports the fight against famine. 

Visable compensates CO2 emissions for 2020

For 2020, we have compensated CO2 emissions caused by Visable employees‘s business travels . This includes all flights, car mileage and rail travel outside Germany. Thus, for the first half-year 128,00 and for the second half-year 60,00 tons of CO2 were compensated through certificates from myclimate, supporting the climate protection project "COP Stove Efficient Gorilla Rwanda". 

Visable will continue to compensate all CO2 emissions caused by its business traffic in 2021 and has also a partnership with the Start-up Planetly to compensate or reduce CO2 emissions in various categories, such as employees, offices, customers and purchasing. Measures to reduce CO2 emissions are part of the company's goals.

Visable supports the Leaders for Climate Action week

Sustainability is very important to us at Visable. For this reason, we take our responsibility to support climate protection seriously. For this purpose we are proud to participate in the Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA) week, which takes place from 19 to 25 April.  

LFCA was founded to use its business network to actively contribute to the fight against climate change and to promote a sustainable world. The aim of the event week is to mobilise 50 million people for a better climate.  

Visable supports this initiative as a strong partner with assorted communication measures ranging from public relations and social media to email communication with our purchaser and supplier target groups. 

Visable compensates CO2 emissions

Visable offsets CO2-emissions – even for video calls

The decrease in CO2-emissions is one of the few positive side effects of the pandemic. Protecting our environment remains an important goal for Visable: This year we were able to reduce our emission levels by 70 per cent, as a large part of our business travel was foregone due to COVID-19. Instead, we met in Zoom Calls – company-wide for 5,275,509 minutes in 2020. That's ten years! But digital communication also has its price: video telephony generated 422 t of CO2, which we offset with 6,331 euros via MyClimate. In addition, we offset 5,712 kg of CO2 from our digital hackathon in November. Thanks to digital paperless processes, we were able to save 4.4 t of wood in 2020 – roughly equivalent to 260 Christmas trees, such as the ones currently being evicted from living rooms across the globe. We will continue to optimise our operational processes – both analogue and digital –  in 2021 and  look forward to identifying more ways to reduce our carbon footprint in "the new normal" and beyond.


Visable compensates CO2 emissions

Visable compensates the CO2 emissions caused by travel of its employees and advisory board members

Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, increase in extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, floods and droughts, and rising temperatures around the globe - the climate crisis shows that the increasingly rapid CO2-induced climate changes can only be countered by working together.
As a growing company with three locations (Hamburg, Berlin and Paris), which also advises its customers locally, the Visable GmbH has a special responsibility. We are aware of this responsibility and want to live up to it. Therefore, all our colleagues are encouraged to avoid air travel if possible and to use the railway instead, which in Germany also runs on green electricity.
In addition, we have compensated the CO2 emissions caused by business travel by all Visable employees for the year 2019. This includes all flights, all car mileage and rail travel outside Germany. Thus, for the year 589 tons of CO2 were compensated through certificates from myclimate, supporting the climate protection project "With energy-saving and solar cookers back to the green island, Madagascar".
Visable will continue to compensate the entire CO2 emissions caused by its business traffic in 2020 and has also set itself the additional goal of reducing its power consumption by ten percent in 2020 despite the company's growth. This value is part of the company's objectives.

Peter F. Schmid, CEO of Visable, is also a member of "Leaders for Climate Action".

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