Time for 
climate action
Time for 
climate action

Time for Climate Action

Sustainability and CO₂ awareness are becoming increasingly important to us at Visable. For this reason, we take our responsibility to support climate protection seriously. Therefore, we are proud to take part in the "Time for Climate Action" week for the third time which is organised by the non-profit organisation "Leaders for Climate Action" (LFCA).

LFCA is a global community of over 1,200 digital founders united by one common goal: the desire to confront the climate crisis with concrete action and to mobilise people for a better climate. Their vision is a globally climate neutral digital industry – which should serve as a role model for other industries.


The time to act is now

Watch the LFCA campaign video!


Our marketing initiatives

During the “Time for Climate Action” week from the 17th - 22nd of April we’re stepping up to tackle climate change together with 400 other companies. The common goal of this global initiative is to get people to take action and trigger 100 million meaningful climate measures.

We support the initiative with several marketing activities. Only through our combined efforts will we as a society be able to reduce our carbon footprint and to maintain the wellbeing of the planet for future generations.

It’s time for climate action!



Survey from Visable: Despite the crisis, SMEs are paying more and more attention to sustainability 

As part of the “Time for Climate Action” week we wanted to know how important is the matter of sustainability for SMEs and conducted a survey together with the research institute "YouGov" in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland for the second time.

Our survey shows: Despite inflation and high energy costs, the importance of sustainability is increasing in SMEs. The social and economic challenges of the last three years have shown that companies and people are able to deal with change quickly when necessary. Sustainability is a criterion that has been and continues to be on high priority when things get changed anyway.

Sustainability also gains in comparison to the previous year: 29 percent of respondents said that the importance of sustainability in their companies had increased as a result of the current crises, 16 percent said that the importance of sustainability in their companies had increased significantly as a result of the current crises, compared to 15 percent in the previous year. This means that the proportion of those for whom sustainability has become more important has risen from a total of 41 percent in 2022 to 44 percent this year. 

More efficient everyday working life and alternatives for mobility and energy: The most frequent answer to the question about the implementation of environmental and climate initiatives in the last 12 months is the increase of working from home. 

29 percent of the respondents are less present at the workplace, 26 percent have switched to paperless processes, 24 percent of the respondents meet online rather than all going to one place to coordinate, and 22 percent have reduced business travel. 

Looking at other measures, the companies surveyed have primarily focused on the areas of mobility and energy supply in order to act in an environmentally and climate-friendly manner. Here, too, there have been increases compared to the previous year: this year, 13 percent of the respondents have taken measures in the area of energy-efficient building renovation, compared to 11 percent in 2023.


Sustainability communication: Which marketing measures are worth the effort?

There are so many different ways to communicate a company’s sustainability efforts. But which of them are recommended? And what should you bear in mind when it comes to communicating your carbon footprint? Click on the respective images to find out which sustainability communication measures are worthwhile.



Our climate measures

Economically successful companies in particular cannot shirk their responsibility with regard to sustainable action and the careful use of resources. We at Visable are driven by a strong commitment to making our company as sustainable as possible.

In the past year, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 70 percent. We saved around 4.4 tonnes of wood by implementing digital processes. Also, all our offices already runs on 100 percent clean energy.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives.



Visable compensates CO2 emissions from business travel

As a member of "Leaders for Climate Action" we as Visable have set a clear goal of operating CO₂-neutral in the medium term. Over the last four years, we have offset all CO₂ emissions caused by business travel from all Visable employees. This includes all flights, car rides and train travel outside Germany. In so doing, we offset 962 tonnes of CO₂ over the years, as certified by myclimate. In this way, we supported various carbon offset projects, which were carefully checked by myclimate. Thus we have made sure that all our climate actions have real and lasting impact.


Visable increases climate transparency

Visable is also working with myclimate to gain climate transparency about our business activities and to automate our climate management. Its state-of-the-art software solution enables us to accurately calculate our carbon footprint. In this way, we can focus our sustainability efforts and take another step towards a carbon neutral future.

Would you like to find out more about our sustainability efforts? Then you can find our entire sustainability initiatives here.

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