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Turning visitors into customers: how to handle profile visitors

Online marketing requires detailed data that is as individual as possible, from interested users who visit the company’s website or special websites. This also includes visitors to the company profile. Marketers can discover here which data are available to them from these users.  

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Profile visitors at the top of the marketing funnel 

Social networks are an essential part of online marketing. After all, they allow companies, for instance, to launch campaigns, announce events, offer services and product information or communicate content specifically to the respective target groups. The better they are able to manage this, the more they can start up a dialogue with interested parties – and therefore win leads in the long term.  

An important task to achieve this is taken on by the company profile. It serves as a central element of every network account. Which is why it is interesting to know who visits it. Depending on the network, an account holder is able to call up the respective data to identify their profile visitors. This is possible sometimes, at other times with fewer details – and sometimes not at all.  

If provided, the contact information of the profile visitors allows companies to directly communicate with them. Generally speaking, this is possible via an email address or telephone number. But if such concrete data is not provided, companies can still gain a certain picture of an interested person and, for instance, see when and from which website they came. This alone can help to optimise the company’s own online marketing.  

This is possible with regional- or time-based measures, amongst others. In nearly all cases, companies are then able to discover which activities were especially popular or not so popular. With this information in hand, companies can create content for their marketing that more precisely matches the target group – making their own profile become a first touchpoint in the marketing funnel.  


How to find out about your profile visitors on LinkedIn, XING, Facebook and friends 

Compared to other networks, the platforms XING and LinkedIn are very informative. This lies in their nature, as they serve mainly to recruit employees, which would hardly be possible without more detailed contact information.  

  • Profile visitors to LinkedIn: The information can be viewed via your own profile image and after clicking on “Who viewed my profile?”. With the free-of-charge standard account, the last five profile visitors within the last 90 days are displayed. The information shows where the profile visitors work, what their job title is, and how they found your profile. With the paid premium membership, all visitors from the last 90 days are provided. What’s more, there is more detailed information as well as diagrams and various statistics about the visit history.
  • Profile visitors to XING (DACH region): Premium members can view concrete information in the premium area using the “Profile visitors” tab. Here is where they can find the names and the current job titles of the visitors and have access to their profiles. However, this is only possible for registered XING members.
  • Profile visitors to Facebook: Those who want to find out more about interested visitors can click on “Pages” in a feed in the menu, then go to the respective page and click on “Insights” followed by “Page views”. Information about age and gender can be found here, as well as from where the visitor was coming (country, city, device). Names and contact information are not provided.
  • Profile visitors to Instagram: With this network, account holders basically have no access to the information of their profile visitors. Indeed, there are providers of external apps which aim to allow this, but these are dubious at most and should not be used.

wlw feature: discover your most current visitors on wlw 

Users of the B2B platform wlw can also gain insights into the visitors of their profile. Account holders simply need to access their account, click on “Performance Report” and then on “Your Visitors”.  

Here is where they can discover additional information about the industry, location, Internet address and respective wlw profile of the registered profile visitor, depending on the settings. Paying customers also have access to the data of all profile visitors, broken down in categories such as “Top latest visitor” or “Visitors per month” for example.   

Users with a free-of-charge account can, however, only view a limited number of contacts. It is also not possible for them to filter information according to the most active visitors or visitors per month in their profile, nor to download information as a CSV file.

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