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Mario Schaaf’s springs for technical purposes: Playing a leading role for decades

Mario Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG has been producing technical springs for every specification since 1993. The family-owned company, located in Möglingen near Stuttgart, has a wide range of products on offer: its portfolio ranges from fully automated large-scale production to highly individual customised products. Sales take place exclusively via the internet – and are heavily promoted by wlw. We spoke to Managing Director Maximilian Schaaf. 

Geschäftsführer Christian Frei

Maximilian Schaaf, Geschäftsführer von der Mario Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG

You manufacture springs – give us a sense of what that means, exactly.

We produce individual flexible parts in the form of springs, clamps or brackets. That might sound underwhelming to those outside of our sector, but it’s an issue that causes a lot of problems in industry. We develop and manufacture flat and shaped springs from prototype to series production in quantities ranging from one to five million.

Why are springs so critical in an industrial context?

Springs are perfect connection solutions and are often cheaper and more efficient than screws. They’re everywhere: most springs are installed inside machines and structures, where they keep engines running, aeroplanes up in the air, electrical appliances functioning and cabinet doors closing properly.

Can you name an example?

Our springs are used at every Grand Slam tournament in the world: a small technical spring attaches a special sensor to the edge of the net, which measures whether or not the tennis ball touches the net on impact. The spring holds the sensor in place and allows for lightning-fast attachment and detachment when needed.

Who are your customers?

They come from all over, e.g. from the automotive and tool industries, aviation, the electrical and electronics industries and medical technology. Wherever products are manufactured on an industrial scale, components have to be held, clamped, pulled or balanced. And all of that requires technical springs.

What sets your company apart from the rest?

In a nutshell: we’re equally adept with high-tech needs and traditional craftsmanship, and always with a view to economic efficiency. We are specialists for fully automated large-scale production, but also for small and medium quantities, which we manufacture with precision craftsmanship.

What developments do you anticipate in your industry?

The market is accelerating. This also shortens the life cycle of a product and the time-to-market. We must therefore place newly developed products on the market more quickly in order to be able to exploit competitive advantages.

Is Mario Schaaf GmbH prepared for the future?

Definitely. We have done a lot in recent years to adapt: a lot has been invested in machinery and software, and the standardisation and automation of our processes has been driven forward. Today, this enables us to develop several million complex parts quickly and efficiently up to the prototype stage and bring them to market.

What role does the internet play in sales of your products?

A starring role! Our sales occur exclusively via the internet. Our marketing measures are implemented on our website, Google and wlw. That’s why we also attach particular importance to a professional online presence and advertising measures that mesh together in a meaningful way.

Are you now investing more in online marketing and thus also in Visable because of the pandemic?

Yes, it’s essential. Our customers do their research almost exclusively via the internet and that is, of course, the best way to reach them. The pandemic can only have intensified this trend.

Why did you choose Visable and the B2B platform wlw for your marketing?

wlw is very well known, especially amongst our clients and B2B purchasers. That is why we have been using this platform for 20 years now – with tangible success.

Do you use other Visable products in addition to your service package for wlw?

Yes, we recently decided on “Top Ranking” to further increase the number and quality of enquiries. We’re excited to see what the results will be!

Mr Schaaf, thank you so much for talking to us.

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