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Later, Canva and friends: helpful social media marketing tools

Thanks to social media marketing tools, companies no longer have to display the latest content on each platform separately and individually. This automatisation saves times and prevents errors. The tools which have come out on top for good reason can be read about here.

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Social media tools: making working processes more effective and efficient

If you practice social media marketing – and this is today nearly all advertisers – you can make your life easier. This is possible thanks to a host of tools that help you make your working processes more effective and efficient. These social media tools support you in planning and publishing posts, generating graphics, bundling information from various social networks, and much more. The following list shows you which five of these tools are truly beneficial to you:

1. Later

Later is a planning tool originally conceptualised specially for Instagram which allows the user to prepare and time posts. In the calendar overview, the content pieces uploaded can be assigned via drag and drop to a certain day and time as a story or feed post. Today, Later also lets you plan content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as analyse the results afterwards. In the tool’s dashboard is where all the users’ comments appear so that a shitstorm can be thwarted early on or valuable user-generated content can be utilised.

2. Canva

Canva is an online design and publishing tool which enables marketers who are less graphically talented to be able to generate attractive ads, visuals or presentations. The tool helps the user step by step to design posts with just a few clicks and via drag and drop. What’s more, Canva also provides various templates that can serve as inspiration. In the fee-based pro version, you can upload your own fonts and conceptualise everything in line with the corporate design of your company, with its colours, fonts and logos, if needed.


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3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most well-known social media marketing tools and has won several awards. Nearly 20 million companies have already counted on support from Hootsuite for their social media campaigns. This tool is a cross-platform social media management solution. It helps to bundle campaigns and manage posts across all channels more effectively. At the same time, the tool provides statistics about the social media activities. More than 35 social media platforms can be managed using Hootsuite.

4. Buffer

Buffer is an affordable alternative to Hootsuite, but doesn’t have to play second fiddle. This tool, too, is helpful for posting content on various social networks. The algorithm can even plan the release of the posts such that the chances of the target group being advertised to can be made aware of them the most. Even a small photo editing program is included. Buffer offers lots of functions in the free-of-charge version, and the business version is relatively affordable.


SocialPilot stands out mainly with its easy user navigation and is therefore ideally suited for small enterprises which don’t have an own social media manager on board. But this tool can certainly score points with its useful functions: the curation tool curates content from other blogs, social media platforms and influencers based on defined topics, and thanks to the engagement function, comments can be responded to directly in the tool. The analytics function allows you to analyse posts.

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