Press release
Press release

Visable and Italiaonline re-sign for 3 years

A strategic partnership to help SMEs develop their online visibility.
Paris - Milan, February 25, 2021 
– Italiaonline, the Italian-made leader in online advertising and marketing, and Visable are renewing their exclusive partnership for three years in order to offer SMEs the best European visibility at the most competitive price.

Italiaonline thus retains a monopoly on the distribution of Visable products and services to Italian SMEs looking to expand internationally.

"We are proud of this strategic alliance between two European companies that puts the visibility of B2B suppliers and buyers at the forefront. Since the beginning of our partnership, Visable has supported more than 2,000 Italian SMEs and 645,000 free members in Italy," said Andrea Chiapponi, Marketing Director at Italiaonline.

For Tarik Zahzah, Director of Visable partnerships:
"Searches coming from the Italian market have intensified in 2020, they represent 12% of the traffic on our platforms. In return, traffic targeting Italian SMEs generated more than 12,000 requests for quotes or partnerships received by Italian free customers and members in 2020. By continuing our cooperation with the largest Italian digital agency and database with 28 million users per month, this is a unique opportunity for any SME to make itself known in Europe and worldwide by presenting its products and services on Europe's most visited B2B platforms".

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