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Customer voice
Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice

OOO NPO PROTECT and global growth

From being a small Russian firm to a large and respected organization with an international footprint. OOO NPO PROTECT shares insights on successful business development and the future of e-business.

Tell us a little about the history of OOO NPO PROTECT – how did you become such a successful company?
Our company was founded in 2002 by associates sparkling with enthusiasm. The aim of our founders was to produce the goods which would make people’s everyday lives more convenient and
comfortable. They dreamed of becoming a global leader in the plastics industry and started materializing their vision one step at a time. They built a team that, through hard work, innovation,
and audacity gradually became the leading Russian company we are today. 

We work hard to be ahead of competition, not only with regard to our products, but also with regard to our organizational decisions and our business spirit. We make a point of always studying and understanding our market and, it is fundamental for us to be customer centric. We focus on the quality of our goods, and value the people who produce them. This attitude has allowed us to grow from being a small Russian firm to a large and respected organization with an international footprint. As mentioned, we aim to become the global leader of our industry in the future.

Over the last 17 years our staff has gone from 10 employees to 300 employees. Today, we have 14 affiliates in Russia and post-Soviet countries. And we have been proactive in working with international clients.

What kind of products do you offer?
The product portfolio of our company includes the following segments: 

  • road safety equipment
  • geo-synthetic materials for roadconstruction
  • garden & landscape products.

You can find them on our EUROPAGES profile.

What do your customers particularly like about OOO NPO PROTECT?
We use the five fingers of the hand to explain our high customer satisfaction and strong retention rate. The thumb represents the quality of our products. The forefinger is our high service level. The
third finger represents our reasonable prices. The fourth finger represents our innovation, as we are always expanding our product line, offering state of the art design and convenient packaging.
Last but not least, the little finger is our additional advantage: our flexibility. We are capable of manufacturing customized products according to our clients' requirements. All these features
enable us to be on the crest of a wave despite strong competition, including numerous manufacturers from China. This makes us particularly proud as a Russian company, because we don’t fear price competition from Asia, and we work to compete with the high quality standards of our European competitors.

What role do the European and international markets have on your business growth?
We’ve been exporting since 2007. We managed to enter the European market three years ago. We had to learn, adopt and adapt. It was a long and tedious learning process, but a necessary
one. It was quite challenging to work with European regulations and norms for example, but this never stopped us. We wish to grow, we are competitive, and we are ambitious. We have learned an
enormous amount and are now quite experienced in the process. We know how to find new clients, and more importantly clients know where to find us.

What is your vision for your global growth?
We hear a lot about trade relation and talks these days. But from experience, we know that trade and economic borders are vanishing little by little, and the world is becoming one market in which we all compete. If a company wants to survive and thrive, it must make sure its products are known beyond its borders. As a Russian company, we strive to show the way in international marketing
and export. We strongly believe in the strength of our team and our products and know our clients abroad will, too. I can even share a secret with you: In the nearest future we’re going to launch a branch office in Europe.

What was your reason for having a company profile on Visable B2B marketplaces EUROPAGES & "Wer liefert was"?
Quite simply, to become digitally visible not only in the European market, but also abroad. We wish to widen the geographical scope of our exports, and Visable offers very efficient and cost effective
tools for this. One of our favorite features in the Visable platforms is the “digital translation component”. By having our corporate profiles translated into multiple languages on the platform, we can actually communicate in our buyer’s language and be found on our buyer’s local search engine. So for example, a German buyer will find us by searching for one of the products that we sell on his local search platform ( for example). This definitely sets Visable’s service apart in the digital B2B world. The other advantage we see in the Visable platforms is the catalogue. This is
an opportunity for exporters to showcase their products and their quality. Last but not least, we see this as a great chance to showcase the strength of Russian products and professionalism, for the moment slightly unknown abroad, but not for long.

Has your presence on Visable (EUROPAGES/wlw) been successful and what was your return on investment?
There is a marketing quote which says that “stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time...”. Advertising is a necessity, whether it be digital or material. From a digital
B2B perspective, Visable and both its platforms are an extremely effective advertising platform, especially for companies seeking to export. Thanks to the EUROPAGES & “Wer liefert was” platforms, we received requests and offers of cooperation from around the world. At the moment, we are negotiating with Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Poland. However, we also receive traffic to our site, which furthers our presence on the global internet map.

Would you recommend Visable?
Definitely yes! The future is in e-commerce. The promotion by B2B platforms is a right path to success! EUROPAGES & “Wer liefert was” are THE business experts in the digital B2B field.

What advice would you give an ambitious Russian company with export vision?
Anyone can become the best version of oneself. Always be searching, always be learning, always be audacious, and use all possible resources, including EUROPAGES & “Wer liefert was”.

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