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Tips & strategies25. May 2023

Social media analytics: analysis tools from social media platforms

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are indispensable marketing tools today. With the use of analysis tools provided by these networks, companies can rank the success of their social media campaigns. Find out in this article which solutions are available and which key performance indicators are relevant in the B2B segment. 

Relevance of social media analysis

The analysis of social media strategies is significant for companies for many reasons:

  • It helps to measure the success of marketing efforts and understand them better.
  • Data analysis provides valuable insights into the behaviour of the target group.
  • Thanks to the analysis of several metrics such as reach, engagement rate or followers, companies can see which content effectively appeals to their target group.
  • The information supports the optimisation of content to be more targeted and to adapt B2B marketing strategies. This can push the growth of the company.

These social media KPIs are important for the B2B segment

Depending on the company, the one or other key performance indicator is significant. But generally speaking, one of the most important metrics is reach. It shows how many persons have seen a company’s posts. The bigger the reach, the more potential customers who can be addressed.

Another relevant KPI in the B2B segment is engagement, which measures the interactions of users with the content of a company. After all, it is the direct interactions with the target group that help companies to boost their brand awareness and to better cater to the interests of the target group.

The engagement rate gives information on how well the content from a company is received by followers and how strong their interaction is with this content – in other words, the number of likes, comments, shared posts and clicks. If the rate is low, there could be need for improvement.

Important indicators also include growth in follower numbers, the click rate, the conversion rate and the impressions. In the B2B segment, companies should also interpret data and analyses in regards to concrete business goals. In this case, it is not only about maximising the number of likes, comments and similar, but also about seeing how the social media strategies are impacting the growth of the company.

A linking of social media metrics with other business-relevant KPIs gives a comprehensive overview of the success of a company.

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How to measure the success of social media campaigns

The digital tools from social media platforms offer companies numerous opportunities for estimating the success of their social media campaigns. Here is an overview of the most well-known platforms and their analysis tools:


The business analysis tool from Facebook is called Meta and gives companies detailed insights into the performance of their digital offers, into growth in their audience and the engagement rate. They can analyse metrics such as likes, comments, shared posts and clicks.

A segmentation of the audience is also possible – divided based on demographic characteristics as well as interests and behaviour. This is particularly valuable for the target group analysis and optimisation of the campaigns.


This platform for B2B networks and career development offers the tool LinkedIn Analytics. It informs companies about the success of their pages and content – based on metrics such as impressions, engagement rates and growth in followers. On top of this, LinkedIn Analytics enables the monitoring of lead generation campaigns as well as the analysis of target group behaviour.


On Instagram, the Instagram Insights tool measures the performance of the company’s account using metrics such as reach, engagement rates, impressions and follower growth. With this tool, companies can also analyse target group behaviour, including their location, age and sex.

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