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Interviews29. November 2022

RBECO, accompanying international manufacturers in reducing their carbon footprint thanks to sustainable packaging

RBECO specialises in the production of pack fillers made of shredded, crinkle cut paper - in the form of paper shavings. A Polish family company with over 15 years of experience in the market. We spoke to Patrycja Bylak, COO of the company, about the future trends in the paper and packaging industries.

Patrycja Bylak

Patrycja Bylak, COO of RBECO

Tell us a little about the history of your company and how you became such a success?

RBECO is a Polish producer of ecological paper packaging components. We are a family company with over 15 years of experience in the market.  Our main objective is to take care of the packed products safety and aesthetics, thus emphasising the brand image. We specialise in the production of pack fillers made of shredded, crinkle cut paper - in the form of paper shavings ZigZag Delux and exclusive silk wrapping papers in 60 colours, paper string and rope as well as slivv to protect glass products during transportation. We believe that our success is mainly a result of the individual approach we adopt for each client and the quality of our products. We advise our clients on the best solution for his specific needs. Sales are the fruit of a professional service. 

How do you satisfy international demands?

Above all, we always offer the highest quality products with special attention to the fact that the materials we produce come from trusted sources. We are FSC certified and we choose raw material suppliers for our production who pay special attention to ecology and their carbon footprint. We strive to ensure that the entire process - from production to shipment - follows strict internal ecological procedures. All materials used for packing the shipment comply with the zero waste principle, meaning that they are either sustainable or recycled.

What challenges do you face when you market your products? How do your products stand out from competitors?

We live in an increasingly aware society. More and more customers pay attention not only to the price and quality of the product, but also to the ecological aspect. When it comes to the quality of our products, especially ZigZag Deluxe crinkle paper for fillings, we are proud to say that it is the best quality product available on the market. As I mentioned earlier, the customer is also sure to receive an environmentally friendly product. After modernising and increasing our machinery park, we have greater production capacity and a competitive delivery time.

What communication/marketing actions do you carry out today? What results do you expect from these actions?

We conduct marketing and communication activities at various levels. We are very active on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, where we demonstrate how our products can be used. We also explain how the customer can reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable packaging. We also run small Google Adwords campaigns. Our main force of promotion to the European markets, however, has been our presence on europages. Many customers not only from Europe but all over the world, find us via the platform. We also participate in European online conferences and cooperate with the Enterprise Europe Network.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are both private individuals, small boutiques, packaging wholesalers as well as large international manufacturers with branches all over the world.

When did you start working with Visable (europages/wlw)? Can you provide more information about the Visable pack your company selected?

I started my cooperation in May 2022. I have an international premium package which is the optimal option for companies wanting to expand their export activities because all the product content on the europages profile is translated into 15 languages. This makes conducting international business so much easier.

Has your presence on Visable (europages/wlw) been successful and how do you assess the quality of the requests you receive? Are you able to quantify/ measure the business that Visable brings to your company?

As soon as my company profile was listed on the europages platform, the interest in my company was felt on a European scale. I believe that my company profile allowed me not only to establish cooperation with new companies, but also presented my business as verified and trustworthy. Simply put, a company that cooperates with europages gains immediate visibility on all foreign markets. At the same time, future customers are reassured that they are contacting trustworthy companies, reducing the time spent on sourcing suppliers.

What kind of future market developments do you expect?

Very importantly, I am waiting to see what winter will bring. The economic situation in Europe is not optimistic. Gas and electricity prices are going crazy, and unfortunately I think this is just the beginning. In particular, for the paper and packaging industry, it predicts a continuous increase in raw material prices, which will definitely translate into an increase in product prices. Many leading paper producers have already announced that they will reduce or stop production during the winter due to energy prices. Unfortunately, this will cause many changes in the market and a lack of raw materials for production. In order to be able to continue producing and delivering products to our customers, we have taken preventive measures and we have developed a plan that will allow us to achieve our targets. Nevertheless, I believe that the market will be completely different in spring and unfortunately, many companies will not survive. I remain optimistic about the future because I believe that the current situation not only presents threats but also exciting opportunities.

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