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Cooling4u Klima-Kälte & Gastrotechnik KG from Austria: Experts in cooling for professional kitchens

This small family business specialises in the needs of the hospitality and catering industries: online, the Vienna-based company offers their business customers a diverse range of products – from refrigeration units to wall-mounted ashtrays. With “Wer liefert was”, the company can reach their target group directly. We had a conversation with sales director Sabine Kremser. 

Visable Kunde Sabine Kremser, Verkaufsleiterin von Cooling4u

Sabine Kremser, Sales Director from Cooling4u Klima-Kälte & Gastrotechink KG

"Cooling4U" – at first, that sounds like something to do with refrigerators...

We provide those as well, but that’s by no means all we have to offer! We also offer restaurant furniture, ventilation and dish-washing technology, as well as air-conditioning technology – and of course the relevant spare parts. Basically, everything that the catering industry needs in terms of special equipment! We supply hotels and restaurants worldwide, but also customers such as school and university canteens.

How is the industry developing in terms of online sales?

In the gastronomy industry, online commerce is rapidly growing; that’s something that’s very clear to us. For the international market, the internet now plays a major role – hotels and catering establishments have in many cases become very discerning in terms of the choice and range of products. In our online shop, our customers expect a high standard, and that is exactly what we offer.

How important is the topic of sustainability in your company?

Immensely important! We try to make our contribution to sustainability efforts by converting the refrigeration systems of many customers to CO2-neutral refrigerant, for example. In general, sustainability is of course a huge topic for the gastronomy sector. This applies not only to the areas of food and waste management, but also to ensuring that facilities are carefully designed: here, the goal is often to use less water and energy – and you can already achieve a great deal simply by choosing the right appliances.

Why did you choose Visable and “Wer liefert was” specifically?

Our business is exclusively in the B2B segment, so we needed a specialist with precisely this target group in mind. “Wer liefert was” has decades of experience in the business customer sector, and that attracts many B2B purchasers who are of interest to us: this B2B platform is therefore the ideal way for us to reach the right group of people in a targeted manner.

What has your experience with us been like so far?

We have now been on “Wer liefert was” since 2018 and received the first enquiries about two to three months after launching our profile. As far as the quality of the requests is concerned, about 80 per cent of them are legitimate, while the rest is spam – quite a good average, I would say. Since then, this presence has enabled us to repeatedly establish new customer contacts in German-speaking countries and expand our customer portfolio.

Do you feel that you have become better known through “Wer liefert was”? 

Definitely. People find us faster and can get in touch with us quickly and without any complications, which is important.

We also opted for Google Ads, one of Visable's online marketing services: this gives us additional visibility on the internet – an important goal for us in the long term as well.

What are the main issues you’re working on in marketing at the moment?

We are very busy right now with the 2020 product catalogue. After all, our product range does not stay the same, but is constantly being expanded and adapted to the current needs and developments in the catering industry. For a family-run business like ours, this is always a challenge.

Ms Kremser, thank you so much for talking to us; we wish you every success for the future.

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