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The winners of the corona crisis: these 5 B2B enterprises have profited

Those who have taken up digitalisation as a business model or who manufacture special medical devices are, on a whole, successfully withstanding the corona crisis. These five companies are just some of the big winners of the pandemic.

Delivery services are profiting in the corona crisis

Various industries are profiting from the corona crisis

Many industries are suffering massive losses due to the corona crisis. Some, however, have profited from the pandemic. Biotech and medical technology companies have recorded significant capital gains. The packaging industry and package delivery service providers have also registered extremely stronger demand. The foods retail industry, as well, enjoyed high sales growth particularly at the start of the crisis.

The industry association Bitkom estimates that digitalisation in Germany will experience a massive boost, meaning IT and telecommunications companies, for instance, can profit. Online services of all kind, above all, have been in higher demand since the outbreak of the pandemic than ever before. Tech companies which make it simpler to work from home office are currently highly sought after.

These 5 B2B enterprises are corona winners

1. Dropbox

The US online storage service Dropbox has achieved its first quarterly profit thanks to the home office boom during the corona crisis. The company was about 36.5 million euros in the black after a loss of 6.86 million euros in the same quarter of the previous year. Sales skyrocketed by 18 per cent to 405 million euros. New B2B customers mainly came from the health, education and insurance sectors. The company expects 40 per cent more customers in future, too, than before the coronavirus outbreak.

2. Lenovo

The computer manufacturer Lenovo recorded significantly higher growth in the first quarter of 2020. In the area of B2B alone, sales in both the desktop and the notebook divisions skyrocketed by 80 per cent – an above-average increase compared to the overall B2B computer market. Like Dropbox, Lenovo is counting on a longer-term tailwind from the corona crisis thanks to the digitalisation of schools and the building-up of datacentres. 

3. Dräger

The medical and security technology company Dräger is profiting above all thanks to a strong demand in respiratory equipment during the corona crisis. But face masks, consumable supplies, patient monitoring devices, and anaesthesia machines are showing an increase in demand. In the first quarter of 2020, the company recorded incoming orders of 1.4 billion euros – more than twice the sum compared to the same time last year.

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer GmbH allows for the remote monitoring of systems. The company offers remote maintenance software for screen sharing, video conferences, file transfers and VPNs. It has profited mainly from the home office boom, which was triggered by the corona pandemic. In the first quarter of 2020, the Swabia-based company showed record-breaking sales and results alike. The sales objectives set for the current year have jumped from 430 million to 450 million euros. At the start of June 2020, the shares had reached an all-time high.

5. CompuGroup

The software provider CompuGroup, which specialises in catering to doctors’ surgeries and chemists, has seen hardly any workload for its business during the corona crisis. But on the contrary: in the medium term, the company is forecasting significantly higher growth chances due to the enormous increase in the willingness to digitally network the healthcare sector brought on by the pandemic. As of mid-May 2020, the shares recorded an all-time high. 

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