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Keynote speakers as a marketing measure: becoming experts through talks

Versed keynote speakers are ideal brand ambassadors. They are considered experts and enjoy trust among the target group, who also see them as contact persons. This makes speakers important for generating leads. Find out here about what keynote speakers can do for you.

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Keynotes, talks, speeches and webinars: how you can be seen as an expert

If you give a speech, you are sharing knowledge with other people and bringing attention to yourself as an expert. This is the ideal effect of talks. When they are engaged in the public realm, speakers can gain authority and respect among the audience. In turn, the venue plays just a secondary role – keynotes, talks or webinars are suitable as a stage.

So, what are the most important points to consider? The following characteristics make for a good keynote speaker:

  • You are prepared to speak about the topic.
  • You are knowledgeable.
  • You pick up on points that are interesting for your audience.
  • You provide added value.
  • You use specialist terminology when it makes sense. But otherwise, you avoid complicated phrases and foreign terms.
  • You place priority on the understanding of the content.
  • You work in line with a manuscript, but speak freely as far as possible.
  • Your talk is entertaining and doesn’t bore the audience.
  • You are articulate and speak clearly.
  • You remain on topic and don’t go on tangents.
  • You make eye contact with the audience.
  • You answer questions during or after the talk.
  • You integrate your company in a suitable way.

These are the benefits for B2B marketing

Speakers come together directly with the target group during keynotes, talks, speeches and webinars. This results in a host of advantages for B2B marketing:

  • A connection to a host of potential leads is given at the same time.
  • Good keynote speakers are interesting and make people curious. Which is why listeners are the ones who contact them.
  • Casual networks can be created or cultivated.
  • Chances are higher that special interest media want to win over the speaker as an interview partner or expert.
  • Elements of keynotes such as videos or graphics can be integrated into other marketing measures, thus expanding the marketing effect.
  • Success and conversions are, for instance, measurable with the use of contact requests or participants’ business cards.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes when giving talks

Versed keynote speakers offer numerous opportunities for B2B marketing. This is why it’s important that the talks are good and run smoothly. The above-mentioned tips can help – and the following frequently occurring problems should be avoided:

  • Despite its B2B marketing function, a talk may not become an advertising event for one’s own company. The use for the audience should be the focus. Constant advertising for yourself torpedoes the purpose.
  • Without an ongoing main thought, a keynote speaker can easily get off point. Which is why a common thread, preferably a kind of story, should be the focus of every talk.
  • The talk is not well prepared. This increases the risk that the speaker gets off point when questions are asked and does not give a confidence appearance. Which is why keynote speakers should have a broad range of background knowledge which goes beyond the talk’s topic.
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