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Press release

New Message Centre streamlines interaction between purchasers and suppliers

Hamburg, 02 November 2021 - Visable, the parent company of Europe's leading B2B platforms EUROPAGES and wlw (formerly "Wer liefert was"), is introducing a new feature: The Message Center will allow users to fully centralise all communication and more easily manage requests in the EUROPAGES login area. In this way, both professional purchasers and suppliers benefit from improved usability and convenience when sourcing products or processing inquiries. After its successful implementation on EUROPAGES, the new feature will soon be made available on wlw as well.

Available to logged-in EUROPAGES users, the Message Center was designed to streamline all interaction between suppliers and purchasers in order to maximise efficiency when establishing business relations online. "More than ever, this feature will promote and leverage synergies between purchasers and suppliers worldwide by bringing together their interactions and documentation in a single place,” says Sandra Yönter, Managing Director of Visable International and therefore responsible for the EUROPAGES platform.

Centralised request and lead management
The Message Center enables users to effortlessly exchange messages, quotes or product catalogues as well as manage requests, both issued and received, without having to leave the platform. Filtering and tagging options allow for easy overview and prioritisation to keep track of a high number of inquiries. Attachments such as technical drawings or quotes can also be added. Users can also see at a glance, whether their message has been received. For added efficiency, the feature comes with predefined templates to quickly reply to received messages. To promote collaboration within an organisation, users can invite colleagues to the platform to discuss and evaluate prospective business partners.

B2C-experience transferred to B2B
With the Message Center, Visable also continues its efforts to transfer the established B2C-experience to the world of B2B: “In our everyday lives, we have all become accustomed to certain conveniences, when using digital services,” explains Yönter. “For instance, when we book a trip, we don’t individually e-mail the hotel, the airline and the airport transport. Instead, all communication takes place on the travel agency’s website. With the Message Center we want to establish this same level of comfort for business relations.”

Synergistic innovation for Europe’s leading B2B platforms
The feature is available for desktop and mobile and was developed as a white label solution that provides platform as a service (PaaS) components developed by mobile engagement & communication company Sendbird. After the launch on EUROPAGES, the Message Center will be rolled out on wlw in early 2022. For Visable, this marks a significant milestone, as it is the first feature that was explicitly conceived for both platforms since they became part of the same parent company in 2017: "In the past, their distinct backends required us to approach new functionalities differently for EUROPAGES and wlw. This new functionality is an important step in our ongoing efforts to share innovations between our two platforms, so as to provide companies in Europe with a consistent and state-of-the-art user experience," explains Sandra Yönter.

In line with this strategy, EUROPAGES will soon be launching the "Visitor of My Profile" feature to enable suppliers to find out who the purchasers are who visit their profiles. This functionality has already been deployed on the wlw platform and has proven to be key for suppliers wishing to exploit their commercial potential and better target their offer.

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