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Survey: B2B video ads are often ineffective – how to change that!

Video content is hardly indispensable for B2B companies. But a survey has now shown that many video ads miss their target. Read about which aspects must absolutely be considered during the production of a video ad.

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Survey: this is how poor B2B video advertising really is

 Video advertising is an important ingredient in the marketing mix for B2B companies. Worldwide, digital video consumption has been steadily increasing for years. According to Wyzowl, more than 80 per cent of video marketers said each time that videos have a direct, positive influence on traffic, on leads and on sales.

This content format is particularly ideal for more closely showcasing products or services which require in-depth explanation. However, many companies seem to be wasting this potential, according to a LinkedIn survey. It analysed 1,700 B2B video ads regarding their level of emotion and asked if the subjects could match up the advertising to the right brand.

The result was sobering: more than three-fourths of ads received the poorest possible review and completely missed their intended impact. As the survey’s authors pointed out, a reason for this is that nearly 80 per cent of the B2B ads analysed would prompt the viewer to make a direct purchase. But only about 20 per cent of the potential B2B customers were at a spot in their customer journey where they were ready to make a purchase. Video ads that feature creative content with the aim to build up the brand over the long term are therefore more effective.

How to change that: 5 strategies for B2B video marketing

 In addition to more creative and emotional B2B video ads, there are strategies which promise success within the business segment:

  • Use case studies: Facts and figures are a must in the B2B sector. Case studies are ideally suited for communicating the benefits of a product or service in a credible way. After all, with an example, the customer can immediately see which advantages they can expect.
  • Use informative animated videos: If one wants to understand a product, they are reliant on factual information and explanations. This works best using an animated video. Here, it pays off to invest a bit more time and money, as a high-quality video ad also puts the company in a professional light.
  • Keep it short: A video should be a maximum of three minutes long; two would be even better. After all, the B2B target group in particular has little time. If one has a lot to say, they should produce several short clips which are clearly structured and feature a straightforward title so that it is obvious at first glance what the consumer can expect.
  • Leverage all technological possibilities: Whether it be augmented reality, which enables the product on offer to be showcased directly in use, special cutting techniques or technical effects that give a light-bulb moment – the more a video ad stands out from the competition, the more attention it will grab.
  • Take SEO measures: Video content should be optimised for search engines to ensure the content can also be found by potential customers that the company never even considered. This means each video should feature subtitles and structured data, as well as keywords in their title and description. Google reveals a few best practices itself in this video.



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