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Customer voice
Visable partner programme: 
Customer voice

Polish medium and high volume offset specialist

The GRIST 99 PRINTING HOUSE is specialized in medium and high volume offset printing and delivers advertising materials throughout Europe. As also professional printing is constantly evolving, GRIST 99 PRINTING HOUSE invests in being “up to date” with the newest techniques and technologies. Not only for the clients, also for the company itself: Bartłomiej Melon gives some insights on how GRIST 99 PRINTING HOUSE made its way into the European market with the help of europages and why the company prolongs and extends the platform usage. 

Mr. Bartłomiej Melon, GRIST 99 PRINTING HOUSE

Mr. Melon, what does your company specialise in?

We have been in the printing industry for over 20 years and have gained a lot of experience in the field. We mostly specialize in medium and high volume offset, printing and deliver advertising materials such as catalogues, folders, stickers, notebooks, paper bags, etc. throughout Europe.

Which challenges do you think you'll be faced with in the future? Or: Which developments do you expect to see in your sector?

Good question! From all what I can see so far, the printing industry soon will have to face challenges regarding the ongoing transition of companies towards digital business on the internet. We will see a shift from analogue offers that present company's products such as catalogs or other printed towards digital formats, so the number of printed magazines and monthlies will be for sure significantly decreasing.

Why did you choose Visable and the B2B platform wlw and europages?

I chose Visable as a B2B platform because it’s well known, has a high reoutation and covers a large part of the European Markets. With being present at the europages platform we started  our activity in the European market four years ago and sinde then have been successfully operating it.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are you investing more in online marketing, and therefore in Visable too? For example, are you shifting your trade fair budget to your marketing budget?

Yes, for sure! We do allocate more spendings towards online marketing. The shift towards more online visibility also reflects in the decision to extend and enhance the contract with europages for another year. In addition to that, we also spend more money on Google Ads and intensify activities to improve our own website.

What role does the internet play in the sale of your products?

We don't have an online shop so far, still - our clients take note of us mainly from the internet and our website. We do not do advertisements anywhere else like in TV, radio or newspapers, we fully focus on our digital presence to show our services and to win clients.

Has the number of inquiries noticeably increased?

Unfortunately not. I would even say that the number of inquiries has decreased - due to less customer needs in that field. So we now do invest money in advertisement so that the number of inquiries hopefully increases again and reaches a similar level from before COVID-19.

Do you use other Visable products (Adwords campaigns, etc.) in addition to your wlw and eurpages service package?

We have started to work with Google remarketing, but I don't have enough knowledge yet to tell something in depth and detail here. We will enhance our activities here after the holidays, when people ar back to business and will try different campaigns in order to learn what works best here.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement, e.g. special features, that you think would make eurpoages even better in the future?

Hm, honestly, I don't have any suggestions for improvement right now. For us everything works as it should. And I have to admit that I’m not too sure if I know all the functions of the platform, there are a lot of them.

Which marketing activities are you working on right now? Or: Which marketing activities have you stopped doing in the last few months?

We are currently working on telemarketing and Google Ads - and I am considering mailing.

Additionally, which topics are you working on right now?

On the one hand we are currently working on how to reduce fix costs, on the other hand we try to fin out how to convince a customer who was used to print but does not print anymore right now. And of course we want to increase our services and are investigating in products that we have not printed so far.

Mr. Melon, we thank you very much and wish you all the best!


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