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Google Ads: broadcasting ads in the Google search results

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Its market share is over 90 per cent, and more than 1.2 billion people use Google to find relevant search results – every month. With Google Ads, the search engine offers small companies and big corporations alike the opportunity to enjoy a prominent position in the Google search results in a targeted way. How does this work? We’ll tell you here!

The Google Ads advertising programme

Google Ads is an advertising programme from Google for broadcasting ads in the Google search results. Unlike so-called organic search results, in which companies can improve their Google ranking through search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Ads is about paid search results that are ranked above the organic results. Up to four ads can be broadcast. This process of paid ads is called search engine advertising (SEA).

Your benefits with Google Ads

Every company with a company or product website on the Internet aims to increase its awareness and, ultimately, it sales. The more visitors who frequent the website, the better – and Google Ads is a useful tool for achieving this.

The benefit of Google Ads lies in the fact that you are present on the first search results page from Google and positioned prominently at the top – something which is often not possible with traditional SEO measures using strongly contested keywords.

The region in which the ads appear can be determined as needed, which is a huge plus mainly for SMEs who rely on regional sales. Google Ads can also be changed at any time, monitored and temporarily deactivated. The success of the ads can be easily measured as well. Companies can permanently review the extent to which their campaign has achieved the set objectives.

Google Ads can be designed in a way that ensures they are perfectly displayed on mobile end devices too. Users who surf the Internet on their smartphone or tablet can therefore be optimally addressed. What’s more, the ads can be supplemented with practical links (site links) which guide users to certain areas of the company website, for instance to additional product pages.

Money Keywords require a minimum budget

To advertise using Google Ads, companies need to have the respective account. Registration is free of charge, as is the creation of a tailored advertising campaign. Costs only arise when a user clicks on the ads. Companies also have control over the costs. They can define in advance the maximum amount of money they would like to spend for clicking on their Google Ads. But: a certain minimum budget is required in order to generate a relevant number of clicks to the company website in light of strongly contested keywords (Money Keywords). 

Google Ads for the B2B segment

B2C offers are easier to advertise than B2B offers. That’s because Google Ads are seen by all Google users – and most of them are naturally interested in the B2C area. If companies would like to be successful with paid ads in the B2B area, they must leverage the matching B2B keywords. In other words, the standard and widely used terms in the respective branch which consumers would not really be familiar with. These terms need to be researched.


Google Ads offer small and medium-sized companies an excellent way to leverage efficient online marketing. However, a rather high level of time and know-how in terms of planning, monitoring and optimising is required. If companies are not familiar with search engine advertising, they should call in an external online marketing expert.


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